The Heir of Rosings Park Ch 3 — 2 Comments

  1. The Mr. Michaels of today’s chapter seems much more commanding and competent I his stewardship role. Previously I had thought him a bookkeeper, and a harried one at that. Now he seems to command not only an understanding of the financial situation but also a responsibility to make recommendations and, notably, a lack of fear when speaking to what Mr. Collins calls his “superiors”. Yes, I’m impressed!
    One quick typo — In the paragraph “He stopped and grasped her shoulders.” The last sentence reads “Bu” when you probably want “But”.
    In any event, I’m enjoying this!

  2. Mr. Michaels has a good head on his shoulders and seems to be swimming against the current to try to get Rosings back to being productive. Mary seems to be swimming against that same current dealing with her ridiculous cousin Collins. He needs to be placed in Bedlam with Lady Catherine so he and his beloved patroness can enjoy life together inside a box. They were made for one another. Here’s hoping the current situations change at Rosings.

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