Persuasion 200: Anne Visits Mrs. Smith — 17 Comments

  1. What a beautiful visit with Mrs. Smith. Anne is so sensitive and considerate of Mrs. Smith’s feelings and not wanting to give offense to an old friend whose circumstances have changed and she hasn’t seen in years. I love how it turned out. This is a friendship that no matter how long they’ve been apart it’s like they were never apart. Finally, a true friend for Anne with no ulterior/selfish motives and who truly cares about her. I love how she can ‘read’ Anne when she says, “And you have many regrets?”. I also love how Anne doesn’t have to watch every word she says, “It is refreshing to be able to speak openly of things. You have always known that I am apt to speak bluntly rather than with tact and elegance. It is a relief to share that with you.” Thank you Grace. It was so sweet. 🙂

    • In many ways, Mrs. Smith proves to be one of her very best friends. As I was rereading Persuasion, I was really struck by her character. She was a joy to write. Thanks, Deborah!

  2. Anne has a true friend. She needed someone to be honest and to put Anne’s choices above their own. Dispite her circumstances Mrs. Smith seems to be the best female character, besides Anne. It is interesting that Anne went to see Mrs. Smith with such trepidation but found the answer she needed. I love that they have picked up their friendship despite the years and the losses they have both had. Great job!

    • Thanks Maggie. I was excited to write this scene. I just had a sense that something significant happened there for Anne. It took a little diggging to figure it out, but I was pretty pleased with what I found. Glad you liked it too.

  3. I am glad that Anne’s visit with Mrs. Smith has left her with one thought…the thought of her having a CHOICE in the decisions affecting her life. Choice – what a wonderful thing and something she denied herself 8 years ago; and so much better than being “persuaded” or manipulated by others. Another engaging chapter, Maria Grace. Thank you.

  4. Indeed, I enjoyed your excellent job of fleshing out the particular characteristics of each person… from Elizabeth’s selfish unfeeling nastiness to Anne and her friend Mrs. Smith’s kind, genuine and friendly natures! The apparent goodness of Mrs. Smiths attendants is a nice touch also. A delightful addition to our story! Thank you!

    • When I went back at read Persuasion, I realized that Jane Austen had taken time to write about the impact the kindness of Nurse Rook and her sister, Mrs. Smith’s landlady, had on Mrs. Smith and how is helped her to cope with her current situation. It was just a few sentences, but I found it very telling Austen would include it.

  5. I just love those friends with whom you have such a kindred spirit that even after years apart and changed lives (and circumstances) you can find your balance in a matter of moments. Mrs. Smith is so very important to Anne’s perceptions. I love this piece. Well said Ms. Grace!! 🙂

  6. I liked how you contrasted the three sisters within this writing. Then you use Mrs. Smith as a true friend and how sisters should be able to depend on each other, yet she finds their relationship elsewhere. Enjoyed Mrs. Smith’s ability to be blunt and read Anne after all of these years.

  7. Mrs. Smith and Nurse Rook open up some insights for Anne. Later we learn of the rumors of Anne’s engagement to Mr. Eliot. And we also read about her father’s distain towards Anne when she chooses to visit Mrs. Smith rather than the cousin.

    The three Eliot sisters are so different but then many times siblings are very different. Anne is truly the best and it was pleasant to read of her continued interest in an old friend despite how she has fallen on hard times.

    Another time when Anne’s worth is confirmed for us – thank you.

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