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  1. How wonderful, indeed!!! To perform your own play there, in the Chawton House Library, and with Syrie James (one of my favorite authors!)–my goodness!! A dream come true in every way!!

    Congratulations, Diana!! 😀

    (I do hope that you will publish your play for those of us not fortunate enough to see it live.)

    Susanne 🙂

  2. Susanne, the play is getting another performance or two, but after that, yes, I am planning to publish it! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Oh, Diana! How wonderful for you! I was just in Chawton the first week of September for my first ever visit. I was thrilled not only to see Jane’s little writing desk and her pieced quilt top, but the great house at Chawton, it’s library of women writers and the chapel. I can see you there clearly in the photos of your debut!
    I happened to be in London that week to present a paper and talk to the Beatrix Potter Society, comparing or rather paralleling Potter to Laura Ingalls Wilder. That was a huge honor for me as well!
    Thanks for sharing your thrilling debut with those of us who love following the lives of our favorite authors.
    Your “Little House” friend in Colorado,
    Connie Ryle Neumann

    • Connie, I would love to have heard your talk about Beatrix and Laura! What an exciting and memorable weekend that was for both of us. I can see I need to go down a few Beatrix trails too…I love her, and the Lake District, so much. You are right, there’s nothing like the places that research takes us…

  4. Congratulations on your well-received performance. The whole experience sounded wonderful! I just recently re-read Jane Eyre after probably not having read it in decades and was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. I don’t think I will compulsively read Charlotte Bronte the way I do Jane Austen but it made me go seek out Jane Eyre variations/fan fiction! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Thank you, Kathy! Jane Eyre is one of those books that is really rewarding to reread, isn’t it – though I agree, not to the extent of Austen. I’m sure you can see why I wanted to write about them both together!

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