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  1. My e book has arrived so I don’t need to win that but a tote bag or a throw would be wonderfu. and now I am going to bed with my kindle and your new book. Yea!

  2. Yep, my pre-ordered copy of Mr. Darcy’s Journey just plunked into my inbox. But I am going to have to restrain myself until my Hamlet and MLA research essays are all graded and returned to my students–yikes!! :0

    I can’t wait to read it, so I’m dangling Mr. Darcy’s Journey, like the proverbial carrot, in front of me as motivation to grade all of those essays!!

    Thanks for publishing the first chapter for us. However, I’m afraid to read it right now because it may derail my self-control, forcing me to spend all night reading it instead of grading those %&%#$&% essays.

    Red pen in hand,
    Susanne 😉

  3. How fun! My hat is off to you for having the confidence and skill to take on P&P!! Your name looks familiar; I must check your other titles, I think I may have read you before. This looks really fun. Thank you for the giveaways – I’d be thrilled with the throw, the notes… any. Thanks so much. Happy Creating!!

  4. So excited to read another one of your wonderful books! I await on pins and needles each time I see that you’re publishing another book. They’re always amazing. Thank you for the good times!

  5. Great excerpt, calculated to have us, poor readers with no time, struggling to get the book any way we can… Cruel authoress! 🙂

    This is a great giveaway with such lovely prizes. Maybe I will get lucky and get one!

  6. I was so excited to see my copy pop up on my kindle this morning! Can’t wait to dig in. Good to know it’s Snowdrop Approved! 😉

    I would love to win the throw blanket. Thank you and congrats on the new book-baby!

  7. Thank you how very generous. I would be happy to win any of the above gifts. I have read all your books so really looking forward to this one too.

  8. Can’t wait to add this newest to my A. Reynolds collection! Great opening chapter. Looking forward to reading the rest!

  9. I preordered your new book and can’t wait to begin reading it. I don’t know very much about the Luddites and look forward to learning more plus the added adventure of our favorite couple. I would like to win either Gift #1 or #2. Thank you for the giveaway.

  10. Seems Elizabeth is in a bad way when it comes to Wickham, especially if she thinks he is clever. Love to have the Ebook copy of Mr. Darcy’s Journey

  11. Pre-ordered, so I will be able to begin reading it when I get home from work later! The excerpts are excellent!

  12. I just found my newest “beach read!” Vacation on a Florida beach with Mr. Darcy sounds perfect. Thank you so much.

  13. Thank you for the giveaway. The book sounds great and if I win I would love to have an ebook copy of Mr. Darcy’s Journey.

  14. Congratulations!! I am stalking to see when the paperback comes out. Please sign me up for the Snowball’s blanket give-away. Tell me that we won’t be taking Snowball’s actual blanket because poor Snowball! 🙂 Thank you for the give-away.

  15. Congrats, Abigail! I know how long this story has been lingering!

    No need to enter me in the eBook giveaway (I don’t read them) as I’ll be buying the paperback for my collection (and one for my Mum, of course!)

  16. Wonderful set of give always with the blanket and tote bag being my favorites. I not sure how I can wait until my house guest leaves so that I can begin to read this, your newest book released today.

  17. Oh boy…this Lizzy hasn’t picked up on any Wickham perfidy apparently LOL Thanks for the giveaway! I’m thankful the cat is not included since I’m allergic… 😉

  18. I can’t wait to read the whole story!!!

    I would love to throw my name in for the ebook. I keep your books on my iPhone so I always have something to read with me that I can pick up and sink into.

  19. Lovely chapter! Can’t wait to read the rest. Would like to throw my name in for the ebook, too. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I plan to buy the paperback when it comes out as I have all your books in that format. So this tease was not necessary for me…although certainly a “come-on”. Elizabeth being the point of pity, but she will recover. Meanwhile please enter me in the drawings. Love the prizes offered and how nice of you to do so. Thanks for sharing this excerpt.

  21. Thank you for this lovely fragment of story – look forward to reading the rest as the excerpt was so interesting. I live in the UK so please put me in the draw for the e book.
    Thank you for your generosity with the prizes.

  22. Waiting for Amazon to deliver the book to my office so I can start reading it at lunch! The throw blanket is lovely (and I always love seeing pictures of Snowdrop)!

  23. I love all of your books! Can’t wait to read this one! I don’t know how you keep finding these new and unique ways of throwing our beloved Darcy and Elizabeth together.

    giveaway 1 please

  24. I would live to read this as Abigail Reynolds is one of my very favorite JAFF writers! I’ve read all of her JAFF books and can’t wait to read this one!

  25. Well…there goes the weekend plans. I know I won’t be able to stop reading. Ain’t no Darcy like an Abigail Reynold’s Darcy. 😉❤️ I’ve already downloaded the ebook, but would love to win any of the other fabulous gifts. Thanks, Abigail and congratulations!!!!

  26. When I woke up this morning, there it was on my Kindle. Can’t wait to get started! I love your “Darcy” books!

  27. You’re a very entertaining writer and love your stories… Thanks and keep writing!
    I wish I lived in the US but llive in Canada… Not that far for postage …. Lol oh well…. Thanks anyway!

  28. Love this!! I am hooked and heading to order online so I can finish the story. Can’t wait to see what adventures you take Darcy and Elizabeth on.

  29. This novel popped up on my Kindle Voyage this morning so don’t enter me for the e-book. It sounds like an intriguing novel and somewhat of an adventure. Love your writing and thank you for the giveaway. Please enter me for the other gifts.

  30. Pre-ordered my copy and I can’t wait to get home to read it. Stupid work is interrupting my reading time! I would love a chance to win the throw blanket or the tote, since I already purchased the e-book. Thanks for all the magical stories you bring into the world!

  31. Love the blurb, always enjoy your great story lines. I would prefer the blanket (sans Snowdrop) or the e-book. Thanks Abigail!

  32. mmmm a cold… the need to go to London. Intriguing!

    I would like to win Snowdrop 😉 However, I am in England so I can only be entered for the thrid giveaway.

    Thank you for doing it!

  33. I’m so excited to have a new Abigail Reynolds story on my Kindle and bonus(!)giveaway is exceptionally nice. Thank you!

    (I’d love that blanket or the carrier bag ❤️👌✌️)

  34. Abigail, I’m thrilled that you have another book out! I’ve read all of the others, and would love to be considered for a copy of this new one, in the giveaway. Thank you for such a generous offer.

  35. I had pre-ordered your book right after reading your second excerpt posted here. Although I have read many P&P variations from many authors, you remain my favorite. This most recent posting of the first chapter has made me even more grateful that I pre-ordered the book. This book promises to be a bit beyond the usual for a retelling of Darcy and Elizabeth’s story. Enter my name for the blanket and the tote bag, please.

  36. Woohoo! Next on my reading list. I too received my ebook and can’t wait to get started. I try to avoid reading the excerpts so I can savour the whole book 🙂
    Congrats Abigail! 🎉

  37. Abigail, I cannot wait to read this. Today is the last day of my teaching contract, so as of tonight, I am free to read whatever I want. Your new book is on the top of the pile, and it’s a big pile. I would love to have a warm throw in my classroom. Given the budget constraints for the upcoming year, I wouldn’t be surprised that we all need blankets in our room when they turn off/down the heat.

    Best to you and your family!

  38. Won’t have a chance to get your book until Christmas paying medical bills right now in my 6tg surgery in two years but I’m excited for it and hope my husband can squeeze in buying it soon. But I would really like to win a throw

  39. I would love the throw or tote to put in my living room or take to school with me! I love all of your books! Loved the first chapter!!!!

  40. I am so excited for another Abigail release. Wonderful excerpt. I would love a chance to win any of the three choices. Thank you for the giveaway.

  41. About a quarter of the way through….loving it! But seriously, I expected no less than wonderful from your books and you never disappoint!!!

  42. Oh how you do tease us and capture our attention by giving allowing bus us access to your newest book. I expectant have it by Monday says Amazon!. Great summer read. Thank you sharing your talents with all your fans!

  43. I’m off for the summer and am beginning my summer schedule of ignoring everything I can in order to spend more time reading. And I know for sure I’ll pick up this book sooner or later. But put my name in for a copy of the book, I might just get lucky! Thanks for sharing the chapter, it is certainly intriguing!

  44. The first chapter has me hooked, but then again, each of your excerpt chapters for your books grab me. Congratulations on its release today! I am eagerly anticipating reading this story.

  45. Beautiful giveaway, but it’s the book I can’t wait to read! Abigail, your stories always draw me in and I know that this one is going to be great. Jen Red

  46. As always, another gripping first chapter. Looking forward to reading the full book at some point soon. Thanks for the giveaway chances. I’d love a chance to win any of the 3. I love the blanket and tote, and now must discover were you got them as I’ve never come across that cover in blanket or tote former. Jane’so cards are beautiful too and look like something that should be framed.

    Congrats on the new release and thanks for the giveaway chance!

    • Colleen, I’ve just added links at the bottom of the post for where they can be purchased. I, umm, designed them myself because I wanted to have them and nobody else was reading my mind and making them. 🙂

  47. Absolutely can’t wait to read this new gem, I’m always eagerly awaiting a new book of yours! Can’t think of anything better than reading it while wrapped up warm in the P&P blanket!

  48. Looking forward to reading this one! I am adding it to my wish list. Winning the e-book would allow for reading it sooner rather than later. 🙂

  49. After reading the synopsis of this story I immediately added this title to my Must-Read list. I do so enjoy P&P variations that embroil our favourite characters in actual historical events. And this excerpt completely captivated me and clinched my eagerness. Many thanks for sharing it, and for offering a giveaway. If I am fortunate enough to be chosen I would be honoured to receive any prize that you choose to bestow on me. (And I do have enough kitties already so a prize without a kitty would of course be welcome.)

  50. Sounds interesting. Will check it out on Kindle. I’d like the tote bag most, if I were so lucky as to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  51. Finally! Abigail, you know how much I love your books and I have been eagerly awaiting this one! Cannot wait to read it. Please keep them coming. You are one of the few Austenesque writers who capture her sense of humor as well as her romance.

  52. I was so excited to hear about your new book! This will be the next paperback book that I will be ordering! Thanks for the heads up! Any prize would do If I am so blessed to win one. 🙂

  53. Congratulations on an excellent book! I really enjoyed Lady Matlock and the addition of the Luddites. Being American. I had heard of the uprising, but really didn’t know the story.

  54. Snarky acquaintances and a means of escape…what’s not to love! Congrats on the release and the fabulous reviews so far!

  55. I love love love your works!!! I am adding this to my tbr list! Congrats on your release and I can not wait to delve into this one!!

  56. Just started reading it, so excited. Thanks so much!! Oh, please put me down for the blanket or tote; I already have the e-book!! 😃

  57. I’m so excited, the book is in my kindle library, ready to be opened and devoured! It will make my plane ride far more enjoyable.

  58. I finished the new book today! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. It really enjoyed iit. You always create the best characters. Lady Matlock has to be one of your best!

  59. I’m so excited that your newest book is out. Thank you for the lovely giveaways. I’d love the e-book or any of the well chosen gifts. Continued success.

  60. Yeah, a new book for my new retirement. June 30th hurry up! The giveaways are wonderful, as always. Thanks so much for the new book…it is at the top of the list for the first week of July!

  61. Love the excerpt Abigail and can’t wait to read more. This book is on my list to buy once my daughter and her family head back to Australia so if I could win the ebook that would be lovely. Thanks for the chance

  62. As usual with your books, Abigail, I ordered this as soon as it was available in paperback. I have a kindle, but I just can’t enjoy books that way. I must touch them, turn their pages, smell them, live with them. So many authors are only releasing books in e-book form these days. I’m so glad you continue to have yours printed!

  63. Another wonderful book by an amazing author! All her stories are wonderful in their creativity and in the true keeping of Jane Austen’s wonderful characters!! Have all her books and looking forward to many more in the future!

  64. I preordered the book and finished it in a day. I would like th blanket or the paperback (nothing like holding an actual book in your hands!)

  65. Binge read it and now I’m starting over. Excellent writing as always. And I love how Snowdrop made it in!

  66. I can’t wait to read this new book. I have read all of your other books & loved them. I pre-ordered Mr. Darcy’s Journey as soon as it was available & just need to finish my current read before I can get started. I would love the tote bag if I am lucky enough to won a prize because I already have the book & the blanket.

  67. Love your books! I just bought the new one and have it on my e-reader ready for vacation. Can’t wait to read it. I would like a blanket if chosen. Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing your talent with us.

  68. I wasn’t patient enough to try my luck at winning a copy of your newest book, so I ended up preordering it as soon as I was able. :-).

    I’d love to win the throw or the tote! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  69. I loved the book!! Couldn’t put my Kindle down until I finished it! Thank you for your amazing stories!!! Would love to win, but just happy to have already read the book! 😊

  70. Love all of your books!…loving your latest one as well. Thank you so much for continuing to share your passion of Darcy and Elizabeth with us all. If I’m selected I’d prefer the blanket.

    Have a beautiful day!

  71. Now you know I had to download that; what a tease! Immensely enjoy your books and would be pleased to win any of the prizes. Thank you Abigail for your wonderful novels.

  72. I zipped through it as soon as it was delivered and will re-read and savor (savour) when I’m finished grading final essays. Delicious!

  73. Just when I think I’m beginning to catch up on all of the books you have written, Abigail, you go and publish another book! lol Not that I’ll complain, I’ll just have to add it to the list. I love reading your books and all I can say is thank goodness for, otherwise I’m not sure I’d be able to keep track of them all. Thanks for sharing your love of Jane Austen through your books and may I just add that your cat looks similar to mine….he’s always napping everywhere!

  74. Hello Mrs Reynolds, congratulation on publishing a new novel.
    I am looking for war to catching up all the novels I missed this summer because of my studies.
    P&P variations and summer, what a perfect combo 😀 I like the cover, it is very dreamy and romantic. XD
    i liked the servant you created for Mrs Darcy’s obession I am looking forwatd to Lady Frederica!
    thank you for the giveaway.

  75. thank you also for letting us know about the austen variation and Jane Odiwe’s zazzle shop, now I know where to shop 😀

  76. How exciting! Would love the opportunity to win either the P&P throw or the tote. Best wishes to you from Wisconsin. Xo

  77. Congrats on this new book Abigail! Thoroughly enjoyable read. Couldn’t put it down. Reminded me of another fave of mine, Mr Darcy’s Obsession. Loved the new interesting characters. Will we get more of these “fighting” Fitzwilliams perchance?

  78. I absolutely loved this book! I could not put it down! Abigail, your stories just get better and better! I already have the ebook, but would love to receive any of the other prizes.

  79. Congrats on the new book, Abigail! I’ve loved everything of yours I’ve read, and this sounds excellent.

  80. I had pre-ordered your book and now cannot wait to sit down and get lost in the moments of Darcy and Elizabeth *sigh*. I LOVE all of your books! I would be thrilled with the throw or bag/notecards. Thank you for the gift of a new story to savor.

  81. What a wonderful chapter tease! And generous prizes too! I am always excited for a release from you. Congratulations!

  82. I love the Luddites! What a great point of historical context to include in a P & P book! Congrats on the new book. That throw is amazing!

  83. As you know I don’t need to win the eBook, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win any of the other items, especially the throw. What do you MEAN the cat is not included?!?! 🙂

    Great start on Chapter One– read it last night before bed. Onward!

  84. I can’t wait to read the full story! I always love to read your books, so of course my first choice would be a copy of the ebook, if I happen to win. Thanks for sharing the beginning–I look forward to reading the rest.

  85. I’m a little late to the game but….I started this yesterday. During my awake time between 2 and 3 am I read more and I would still be reading but I had to come to work. It is so good….Thank you Abigail!

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