Longbourn: Dragon Entail Ch 7 — 11 Comments

  1. I did read this chapter already…was it on another blog? Anxious to see how this plays out. Collins and Longbourn are not going to all!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Collins for Longbourn’s dinner! He’ll taste just like chicken, I’m sure. Hopefully Longbourn is smarter than Mr. Bennet when all the little dragons finish with telling him what’s happened. Seems like everyone is smarter than Mr. Bennet. Don’t care what the Dragon keeper rules are, Collins needs to be roasted! Can’t wait for this book. Maybe Darcy can return with Pemberley and Pemberley can dine on a Collins Crispy Chicken meal!

  3. Collins just keeps getting worse!! Lizzy run while you can! It’ll be interesting to see how Longbourn reacts as Collins threatening Lizzy and the Keep (and by extension Longbourn’s authority as Laird) goes against his desire for Lizzy to marry the abusive lout! So hoping Lizzy can get away from both Collins and Wickham and go visit sweet Pemberley

  4. Once you have a date for publishing, I will have to re-read Book 1 so it all flows together nicely. Maybe Longbourn can shoot fire at him and singe him. Better yet, maybe Collins will go mad after he thinks he sees a dragon? Then he will be committed and the entail ended!

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