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  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday sojourn to Bath, Cassandra. The pictures are wonderful too. I’ve never been to England before but if I do go, I plan to spend at least a night in Bath. Maybe if my budget permits, I could rent and stay in one of the apartments. Such happy thoughts to be able to experience what you have been through 🙂

    • I really hope you do get there! It was such a rewarding experience and they have done a lovely job in blending the original features with modern convenience without detracting at all from the sense of history in the building.

    • It was such a shame you couldn’t get there this time, Monica! We will plan it all better next time and take over the house!!

    • It was so much fun having you there! I can’t wait for us to do it again – I miss the garden already!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Cassandra. When I finally get back to England (it’s only been 36 yes) in 2022 (hopefully) I plan to stay here. You are giving me wonderful ideas on where to go.

  3. Deborah, I am sure you would love it! Let’s hope we all get there at the same time one of these years!

  4. It must have been surreal walking in the very rooms Jane Austen walked through! Thanks for taking us there through your post!

    • It was a very strange and oddly moving experience! I hope you get the chance to go there yourself soon!

  5. What an interesting place! Thanks for sharing your visit. It’s amazing what manages to survive, 200 years later.

  6. Wow! Do they actually know which room Jane slept in? I wonder if she did any writing in that room….

    Thanks for sharing the stories! I’m glad they fixed up the place, instead of letting it be used for offices and student flats.

    • I am pretty certain, June, the main drawing room would have been on the first floor (Cassandra’s Apartment) at the front. I suspect the garden apartment where I stayed would have been a parlour for daily use at the front and the new owners were led to believe the back room (now a bedroom) was indeed used as a bedroom back then – but of course we don’t really know for sure, or whose it was!

      I have had a peak into Cassandra’s Apartment and it’s also beautiful. I suspect the main sleeping quarters were on the floor above (Mr Darcy’s Apartment), with the Penthouse being for the servants and storage. I am just guessing here, based on the typical layout of a townhouse!

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and description, Cassandra.

    I bet it was hard to imagine the place as student flats. I was a student once, many years ago, and know what they can be like. Some were fairly grotty to start with and some ended up that way because the occupants had no respect for other people’s property.

    They’ve obviously put in a lot of work to get the whole place into the beautiful condition it’s in now. The silver teapot was a real find and for it to be still on display there is fantastic.

    I’m now trying to think of a name for the penthouse so I can enter the competition!

    • Yes, do enter!! I think it would be nice to reflect one of the ‘Bath’ novels in a name…

      I must admit, in previous years, it has looked quite run down when I’ve gone to look at it from the outside. It was lovely to see it so well cared for and respected!

  8. Just gorgeous, Cassandra. Did it inspire you? Will Darcy and Elizabeth somehow end up in Bath? I look forward to reading it if they do.

    • LOL! I’ve already done that one, Joy – they both ended up in Bath in A Fair Prospect. 😀

      But yes, it did inspire me, so much so I have dropped the story I was working on and have set off on a whole new one!

      • I hope you don’t encounter any tumbleweeds with your new story.

        Patience is a virtue, but it’s getting hard to wait for your next book.

        You are very gifted, so I know it will be worth the wait.

        In the meantime, I’ll continue to reread A Fair Prospect again and again. 🙂

        Thank you.

        • Awww, thank you, Barbara, that is so sweet of you! I am doing my best to write it quickly and then I’ll probably return to the one I had started!

  9. I think I better start compiling a list of places I need to visit with my husband in England…when we eventually go. The garden looks amazing and I love the glass windows at the top of the foyer stairs! Can’t wait to read your next inspiring book!

    • The garden was so pretty, Carole, even though a little overgrown in places! It added (for me) to it’s charm!

      I hope you get that trip soon!

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