Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 3 – Jigsaw Puzzle — 26 Comments

  1. I started the 1995 puzzle a few minutes after it was posted and finished in 1.5 Hours. Maybe tomorrow when it is actually Dec. 3 in WA, I will do 2005. This was a great idea! Thanks.

  2. After reading, one of my favourite activities is jigsaws. I have always loved them. My favourites at the moment are Wasgij and What If puzzles. So I happily did all three of these in about 20 minutes if that. I loved the applause at the end (what does that say about me? πŸ˜‰)
    I’m loving this advent calendar thank you so much.

  3. Wonderful idea! Enjoyed it very much (and especially the 2005 garden Scene – there is so much shy tension between our heroes in this moment)

  4. 27 some minutes to finish the one of Lyme Park. I love to do puzzles but just don’t find the time nowadays. Thanks for that lovely chance today.

  5. Apparently not the only one who didn’t know there were online jigsaw puzzles. I’m kind of feeling dumb for not knowing that. What fun. I’m so behind here. I have a good excuse but then, it’s also fun to kind of binge blog reading too. Thanks Abigail.

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