A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Twenty Four — 15 Comments

  1. Oh goodness, I didn’t see any of that coming! Lydia is apparently the perfect mate for Wickham with her ability to win at cards. And who expected their visitor to be Darcy? Well! I at least hope Darcy doesn’t have to lay out a small fortune to facilitate the wedding. Looking forward to next week to see his reaction.

  2. La what a joke! Oh Mr. Wickham, Lydia is going to keep you on your toes and will probably be one step ahead of you through life! What a merry dance she will lead you. I am so happy that you realized she is worth more to you than all the gold in the world. Now I wonder what Darcy’s reaction will be to all of this!

  3. OMG!! I love this Wickham and Lydia together. They are a hoot. Now that Darcy is on their trail… things should start popping. I certainly hope the government is really behind W&L and it is not some ruse. I shall be terribly disappointed. To be continued… grrrr!!

  4. Oh my! What a surprise, but I realize I should have known Lydia would be a perfect match for Wickham. And now, Darcy has arrived. He is not happy, but hopefully will be glad Lydia and Wickham are to be married…looking forward to the continuation.

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