A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Six — 8 Comments

  1. Well! I see Wickham is still blaming Darcy for his ‘misfortunes’ so no change there.
    I was actually beginning to think he truly might love Lydia until that speech.
    She of course is infatuated as a girl of 15, spoiled and indulged, will be.

  2. I have returned from my journey of climbing rocks, mountains and volcanoes!

    Oh nothing has changed in this world, especially when love blinds one. I do think though that Mrs. Wickham must not have really enjoyed her bed of straw despite being in your strong arms.

    “Aye, give me your arms upon a straw bed, for I should prefer them far above an empty bed of satin”.

    I believe she is compensating for it now with all the pillows?

    I do wonder though if you had been in Canada before meeting Lydia. You certainly have the slang down,eh?!

    “And hang protocol, eh? “

    • Pillows are the mark of every fine lady, and I am gratified to hear how well you remember my penchant for them! I will have you know, madam, that only one night did my darling husband ask me to sleep in a bed of straw, and save for a few wheat heads lodged in places I shall not describe, the experience was one well worth repeating. No, dear Carole, my pillows form a romantic bower of sorts, wherever we may travel, and fortunate is the lady whose husband indulges her craving for them. If you will send me the dimensions and colours of your drawing room, milady, I shall have my seamstress work up some exact replicas of my very favourite style for your enjoyment.

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