Sequels in September: A Different Persuasion – Part 3 — 10 Comments

  1. Anne is so sweet and loving; I hope that Frederick will protect her from her snobby and ‘take advantage of’ Mary Musgrove although Anne seems to do that well enough. He is a jewel.

    • Yes, I think Anne can hold her own against Mary, who in any case isn’t as awful as Elizabeth. And as Lady Wentworth, I don’t think anybody will try to take advantage of her! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Such a lovely story!! The “Elliot pride” seems to be the downfall of Sir Walter and Elizabeth. Meanwhile, the social climbers may try their best, but Frederick and Anne know who their true friends are.

    A wonderful variation with an Anne who stands her ground very nicely, retaining her beloved Frederick and Lady Russell’s continued friendship as well as that of the Crofts.

    Thank you, Diana!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    • I tend to think it’s going to be Sir Walter and Elizabeth who will be in trouble in future, not the young Wentworths, don’t you think? Thanks for your comment, Patty!

  3. That was a sweet sequel. Thank you. It fulfills what I have imagined for this long-suffering couple. They deserve his good fortune and a situation near their true friends and supportive acquaintances; as well as family who treat them as they deserve.

    • Thank you, Sheila, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m sure Jane Austen would agree with you that Anne and Frederick deserve the happy future you describe (and that I see for them too!).

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