Writing, Kittens and Other Miracles — 14 Comments

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  2. As for Snowdrop….I hope she has a long life. Amazing things can happen. My son has canaries and finches. His female, in October was diagnosed with stomach tumors and he wad told she (Jewels) would die sooner rather than later. Her mate, Veridian, died a month ago. She is still with us and going strong. When we spoke to the vet she was pleasantly surprised.

    • That’s reassuring to hear, Deborah, and I’m glad Jewels is still going strong. I’ve seen Snowdrop turn blue if she tries to run around too much – you wouldn’t think you could see a cat turn blue, but at least with a white cat, it’s pretty obvious – you’d be surprised how obvious it is when the pink nose, ears, and eye rims are all the wrong color, and blue is definitely the wrong color. But I’m hoping her will to survive will keep her going for a while.

  3. Snowball knew you would give her the love she needed and I’m glad everything worked out alright so far. She’s a beautiful kitten. It’s funny, we try so hard not to love but somehow end up falling anyways. 🙂

  4. Although I can’t have cats or dogs in our house due to my husband’s allergies, I do have grand kitties and a grand dog! And I grew up with both. And parakeets are now my pets. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Many in our family do have animals and I hear sad and happy stories off and on. But animals can be, as I said previously, so therapeutic, to all. Thank God for good people like I read of above. Hopefully, Snowball will surprise us all. Your son sounds like an amazing caring individual. I am glad you have other cats upon whom he and your family can dote. I also hear of high vet bills, which is scary so it just shows how much you are committed to caring for this and the other cats.

  5. I hope her will to survive keeps her going strong too.Snowdrop’s will to survive must be strong indeed. She’s definitely a special cat & you will be blessed in many ways for allowing her to be a part of your family.

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  8. I just read this for the first time &, of course, cried. I have lost many pets growing up & now can’t have any as, jmy husband is allergic to cats & dogs. I do have birds but NOT the same! They don’t show affection. Good luck with all those pets. Angels among us caring for the “hopeless”!

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