WIP: When Pride Prevails: Prologue — 46 Comments

  1. This is an intriguing excerpt. I can’t wait to see where things go from here – not to mention eagerly wanting find out what is the precise pickle bothering Darcy so much that he exiled himself.
    If this work is being published in February, I assume you will have decided by then which version you prefer of the two paragraphs starting “The image of Pemberley, with the deep green of its rolling hills and elegant gardens, rose up vividly in his mind. “

  2. How exciting! This has certainly whet my appetite, roll on February I say. I would just point out that you have two very similar paragraphs about Pemberley, they read like two drafts and you only really need one, either would do, they are each as good as the other.

  3. What on earth happened to Darcy? If Richard is tending to Pemberley,did Darcy go to war in his place? I just can’t imagine why he went so thank goodness you no doubt have the answer???
    Can’t wait for more answers and hopefully Elizabeth will be able to comfort and heal him 😍. (Well one can but hope!)

  4. Wow, what an intriguing beginning. What happened to Darcy?
    Looking forward to the continuation:)
    Hopefully Bingley wins the bet…

  5. What a beginning. So many questions You mentioned angst in this story. Is it angst that keeps Darcy and Elizabeth apart or just an angsty Darcy?

  6. I am wondering along with “what happened to Darcy?”…Where is Georgiana? Did she die? And how did Darcy get his wound? Did he buy a commission in the service, determined to face death for some suicidal reason? And if Richard is at Pemberley did Richard resign his commission? Or did he never enter the service?

    You really have piqued my interest. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow! Like others, I am definitely intrigued with this story line…something must have happened to Georgiana, is Wickham the villain, will Bingley prevail? February is not that far away…So excited to see this new book from you! Now I am curious about the cover you have in mind!!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Well, you’ve certainly created an instant ‘page-turner’–with this unique situation. All of your readers will be frantic to keep reading to find out what on earth has happened to Darcy. BTW, since Waterloo is mentioned, have you shifted the events of P&P to fit, or will all the characters be older than in canon?

    BTW, brandy snifters were not in existence until later in the 1800s–according to this article, the glass formulas used at the time could not have supported the balloon shape.

    Instead, a type of glass called a ‘rummer’ was used, with short footed stem and wide bowl of variable shape. Additional photos are available here:

    Looking forward to more of this story.

    • Thanks for the information, Margaret! Regency authors always mention snifters, so I never thought to look it up. It’s like teacups and tea dishes.

      Yes, the characters will be older. As you will see in the next chapter, that does make a difference. Since it’s a variation, it will veer off from canon, but there will be situations that are the same, except they take place later. So I suppose the answer is, a bit of both.

  9. Goodness…what could have happened to Darcy? and the Waterloo reference too! and why does he feel he cant go to Pemberly?
    You have certainly left us with lots of questions!

  10. Happy New Year and what an excerpt to open 2018. Man… I’m already hooked on wondering what happened to our Mr. Darcy. Goodness… I’ve got to read this. Looking forward to February. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

  11. Great news – a new book from you, Monica! Love this prologue and all of the questions that it poses:
    Darcy at Waterloo?
    Why has he exiled himself to Cornwall?
    Richard running Pemberley?
    Why doesn’t Darcy want to go there?
    Where is Georgiana?

    Looking forward to further installments with bated breath!

  12. This excerpt is very intriguing! Is it still just before Jane and Elizabeth meet Bingley & Darcy? I’d love to hear more of the background of this story.

  13. Oh boy, what an introduction! You have peaked my interest. I want to know why he was in self-exile, where is Georgiana, and what Colonel Fitzwilliam has to say about this situation.

  14. Oh my, I’m already hooked! If the rest of this story is as intriguing as this excerpt I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Have been moving away somewhat from JAFF lately; bad writing and dreadful editing too often make reading unenjoyable. Hoping this story will bring me back to the genre. And yes, I do want to know the answers to every question posed here!

  15. What an intriguing excerpt, Monica! It raises so many, many questions, and I can’t wait to read more to discover the answers!! And at least we don’t have long to wait with a release date in February.

    I like an angsty Darcy, so I am really looking forward to reading more of this novel!!! Thank you for sharing this excerpt with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

    P.S. Happy 10th Day of Christmastide!!

  16. You cruel, cruel author! Such a tease! Yes, I am another fish you have snagged with your lure. This opening chapter presents all kinds of intriguing questions and possibilities. I must know what will happen! Well done, Monica!

  17. I received the e-mail about your next post but when I tried to open it it said Page Not Found. However I was able to read it in the e-mail but am unable to comment on it.
    I am still puzzled over why Darcy fought in the war and now I’m wondering why he is exiled and why Georgiana feels she is to blame. I’m also wondering who Jane married and hoping that this delay in timing will mean no Wickham or Caroline Bingley? Elizabeth is clever so maybe she can take pity on Darcy and help him to get his life back?? Well I suppose I will have to wait and see.

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