WIP: When Pride Prevails Chapter 2 — 27 Comments

  1. I still can’t imagine why Darcy needs to be in exile!!! But to really avoid drawing attention to himself he should dance with the local girls rather than the annoying Bingley sisters. Perhaps he could dance with Elizabeth? Oh well one can but hope. And speaking of that I really do hope he doesn’t insult Elizabeth this time as I’m sure he could do better with her help.

  2. Wow, you have me hooked! I feel both the mystery behind Darcy’s reason for seclusion and empathy for him. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Darcy has a wound. Georgiana’s name would raise speculations…Let’s see. He fought a duel and killed Wickham over his acts against Georgiana. Darcy had to flee as duels are illegal: much less killing a man.

    Just my guess but it fits the scenario. This story has its mysteries. We don’t know why he exiles himself in Europe for 3 years and we don’t know why he has a wound nor what type of would it is.

    Thank you for this chapter and I am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Love this. I cannot wait for the next chapter and have soooo many questions about why Darcy is in exile. I think, like Sheila, he may have dueled Wickham. But there was talk about Waterloo, too…maybe he performed some bit of bravery there that may save him in the end?

    Okay, history question–could Bingley have franked a letter? I thought that was only available to members of Parliament. (But I might be wrong…)

  5. I am really enjoying this story! Like a couple of others, I’m guessing he was in a duel with Wickham’s, but I wouldn’t go so far as to think he killed him. Somehow I think Wickham will make his presence known somewhere along the way!

  6. It sounds like Darcy may have fought a duel in which he was wounded and Wickham killed. Duelling was illegal. Why was he at Waterloo? Was he wounded there or in England? Fitzwilliam is Mr. here and it sounds like she stays at the estate. Darcy will use a middle name to be more annonymous. It does seem strange to go to a dance. What a mystery! Is Jane happy in her marriage. Elizabeth is older and longing to be elsewhere. I wonder if Darcy will insult her or instantly connect to her. Or will Bingley notice her or one of her sisters. Jane could be widowed.

  7. Thanks for another most enjoyable chapter, Monica. So, if Darcy attends the assembly as plain Mr. John Darcy, presumably there shouldn’t be any gossip about about “ten thousand a year” or his being one of the richest men in Derbyshire at the Meryton Assembly. Will he still be found “standing about by himself in a stupid manner”, thus drawing attention to himself? As others have alreacy said, he had much better dance with a couple of the local lasses. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us there.

  8. The mystery deepens and as Anji say, there may not be any gossip about his ten thousand…so does Elizabeth notice that his clothes are not the most current or fashionable? Looking forward to next Tuesday! You certainly have our attention!

  9. I agree with Sheila… Darcy fought a duel and was in exile. Whether he killed Wickham is unclear. If he did kill Wickham… who would then be the evil-rat-bastard causing problems? If Wickham was still alive… then you have conflict and his sad-sap story about the evil doings of the Darcy family. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing this chapter.

  10. If Darcy has killed Wickham and are wanted for murder… he will not be able to return to Pemberley and must hide for the rest of his life. I think it is something else but what? (Hope I rember correctly) He would not have fought in the war if he was wanted?
    Georgiana blames herself and he does not want to be identified. Hmm, I think I need more clues…

  11. Loving the speculation, everyone! This is a twist, so the story isn’t going to go quite as it does in the original.

    Thanks so much for all your comments. It always helps to hear how you as readers are seeing things.

  12. I’m with Sheila and the rest, thinking that Darcy challenged Wickham after his attempted elopement with Georgiana (which is why she blames herself for his exile) and was shot in the shoulder while he killed Wickham. And then Darcy fled to the Continent in time to be there for Waterloo.

    The fact that this story takes place several years after the original is also quite intriguing; Jane married, Elizabeth nearly a spinster, etc. (Which means that Miss Bingley is also older and definitely approaching spinsterhood! A desperate woman there!)

    I can’t wait to see what happens at the Assembly when John Darcy and Elizabeth meet. Will he make that horrid remark? Or will they be able to carry on a conversation? Will he fall for her at first sight and then be unable to pursue her because of his past?

    This is such a compelling story so far, Monica; I am anticipating the next chapter and also the release of the whole novel next month!! Yay!! And thank you for sharing the prologue and the first chapters here with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

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