While It Rained — 47 Comments

  1. What a lovely little tale to find in my Inbox this morning. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Let’s hope the rest of my Friday goes as well!

  2. Amy, you sure know how to crank up the heat between these two! That was so lovely – perfect was to fog up a rainy day. Loved it – thank you!

    • Actually Patty it was once part of an unfinished longer story… we’ll see, maybe someday it’ll get finished! Thank you!

  3. Oh how lovely! I wonder if they will ever get to the party? Lucky Charles went looking for them as it may be a while 😍😘. Thanks Amy.

  4. What a lovely story. Yesterday we had rain and then in the afternoon we had a beautiful double rainbow. Happiness.

  5. Only YOU would consider that HE uses top shelf hair care product and SHE has long given up the fight against frizz! Darcy enamoured by a witty, caring woman of low … maintenance! L, S

  6. What a wonderful vignette that just put a smile on my face! Yes, I agree, Bingley should take a picture! Thank you!

  7. That was lovely. Yes, we have had a lot of rain here in Pennsylvania…part of the Northeast. I liked the twist at the end when Charles found them. Darcy said that so sweetly. Thanks for the treat.

      • With a high expected today of 77 degrees we have turned on our A/C for the first time. But we sure have had a lot of rain. I was glad to read that the drought in CA was declared over with.

  8. Oh my goodness, that was very fun and soooo romantic! I’m not usually a fan of modern fiction, but this was lovely!

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