The Ladies of Rosings Park – Chapter 3 — 20 Comments

  1. Reading this chapter, I feel so sorry for Anne. Dreaming about Fitzwilliam, trying to impress an realizing she is failing at it, and being fearful of him.

    • I can relate to her. At her age I was pretty shy too. I’m sure I would have been just as tongue tied and inept as Anne in like circumstances!

  2. Yes Shannon an exciting read for me as in this chapter I feel more clearly sadness and compassion for Anne de Bourgh coming to the fore in my thoughts as well as a great disgust at Lady Catherine and her manipulation. Thank you for sharing these segments from The Ladies of Rosings Park.

  3. Poor Anne, what dreams she has and how Lady deBourgh crushes them with her overbearing care. Anne’s timidity will keep her from expressing her thoughts unless Elizabeth shows her the way.

  4. We all fantasize about being the love of Mr. Darcy’s life, but (unless you’re Lost in Austen) the fact is that the love of his life is Elizabeth Bennet. “Poor Anne” is right! Not only does she suffer from the absence of her loving father, an insufferable mother, and ill health, but she’s been anticipating marrying Me. Darcy her entire life, and now she sees that’s not going to happen. Wonderful character study so far, both of Anne and Lady Catherine.

    • The two pillars on which Anne’s world was built (her father’s love and knowing she would marry Darcy) have now both crumbled. She’ll have to construct a new life for herself pretty much from the ground up.

      I appreciate what you said about this being a character study, Debbie. That’s exactly what’s going on here. We see these ladies characters revealed through known events before we can move on to discover the rest of the story!

  5. Well I actually feel sorry for Anne here. It’s perfectly obvious that they could never have made a happy couple as he needs Elizabeth to tease and stimulate him and Anne would be better with the male equivalent of Elizabeth.
    I blame Lady Catherine for constantly insisting all her life that she was to marry Darcy instead of letting them just be friends as cousins.

    • Very true, Glynis. What we need and what we think we want often are very different things. Darcy wouldn’t have been right for Anne, but marrying him was what she had been taught to expect. She will recover and move on, though! 😀

  6. Poor Anne, but I don’t think she wants pity. She just wants love and the power to control her life. However, being so dominated by her mother, she will need help to her break through…but who will that be?

    • I agree, Carole! She’s just telling her story, not begging for pity. We have to see where she began to appreciate how far she comes in the journey ahead.

  7. We observers, having a all-encompassing view of the true situation involving Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth and Anne, can’t help but wince. She finally realizes her long-held dreams of an escape into any kind of different situation from that which she has endured most of her life is lost. Although we can’t imagine Anne and Darcy together, we do ache with Anne as her expected future disintegrates in that instant. Her real future…..(we await eagerly, Shannon, a new direction for Anne’s life as she reassess what comes next. Following mama’s schedule has ended and now …..).

    • Yes, Joan, no matter how much we sympathize with Anne, we can’t imagine her with Darcy. He belongs with Elizabeth, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been forgiven for trying to rewrite that fact!

  8. Oh dear… poor Anne. Disappointed hopes are the worst. However, did I hear a hint of her being ill and not being alright? Is something going to happen later? Surely Anne knows she is not capable of producing an heir for… Rosings or Pemberley. She simply is not able. Surely she knows her limitations… yes??? That poor dear… I so resent Lady Catherine for destroying her daughter’s happiness. It is so sad.

    • We’re just told in P&P that Anne’s poor health has held her back, but nothing specific. There’s certainly no reason to suppose she’s incapable of producing an heir. (Maybe you picked up that idea from another sequel/variation?) It was up to me to imagine what she suffered from and if was it was treatable. Since I wanted her to have a happy ending, I decided it could be cured… or at least substantially improved! So we have that to look forward to. 😉

  9. Such an intriguing character study–seeing these Ladies of Rosings’ own thoughts. I can’t help liking Anne a great deal, despite her shy and awkward ways. I’ve always been much the same.

    I hope that Anne can rebuild her life, preferably without her mother’s “guidance” (decrees) as to what is supposedly best for her. Without the love of her doting father and now without a marriage to Darcy, she doesn’t have much left right now. Is she strong enough mentally and emotionally to build a new life for herself? I hope so!

    Thanks for sharing these early chapters with us, Shannon!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying them, Susanne! Yes, I’m sure I’m much more like Anne too, or Mary Bennet, than I am like a Lizzy Bennet! And you know you can trust me for a happy ending, even though things look pretty bleak for Anne right now.

      I just love writing in first person, and by switching back and forth between the ladies, we still get to find out what’s going on with both of them. Next week, we hear from Mrs. Jenkinson for the first time. She turned out to be very helpful in getting all sides of the story told. 🙂

  10. Poor Anne, what a revelation that must have been to her. Hopefully, she’ll come to realise that she’s not at fault and there’s nothing whatever she could have done to bring about her mother’s greatest desire.

    Shy and awkward – that was me in my teens, so I can totally sympathise with Anne. I had to leave home (to go to University) to even begin to start crawling out of my shell and it’s a struggle that continues to this very day, over 40 years later. Could taking Anne away from Rosings be what you have planned for her?

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