The Darcy Brothers – Release Date and Virtual Book Tour – February 2015 — 40 Comments

    • Thank you for asking, but no, it’s not up for pre-order. You know what Theo is like! We had trouble corralling him into order in time! 😉

      • Shame that he’s such a rebel. However, that is definitely part of his charm. Will it be much changed from what was posted?

        • There are some changes, yes, and of course it has been edited thoroughly, but it is still very much the story from the Blog. Plus all the additional scenes and out-takes which the readers requested as the story progressed are now part of the overall story!

  1. Intriguing. But I am on Fitzwilliam’s side, Theo irritates me almost immediately with his immaturity. Dearly hoping that Elizabeth is not taken in, but alas, there would be no story if she were not…..

    • Dave, you were a star throughout the whole project! Your suggestions and reader’s commentary were a highlight every week!

      • Theo was a fun experience! The readers truly enjoyed voting each week and the comments got more inventive and enthusiastic as the weeks rolled by! There was lots of ‘out of the box’ thinking for story line suggestions. It was a grand way for the authors to directly relate to their fans – hopefully the idea will be repeated in the future!

  2. Looking forward to the release of TDB. Nice that you’ll be out and aboit Theo. I promise, I won’t tell your brother. Mum’s the word.

  3. This is the best news! I miss Theo and can’t wait to hear what he and his friends/relatives have been up to! Has the truce between he and his brother lasted, or have they fallen back into old habits? Has he found a love interest? How’s work been treating him? So much for us to catch up on!

    • And I am sure Theo will be keen to chat as he makes his way around the various stops on his Tour!

      Thank you for supporting him!

  4. This is indeed wonderful news. I love the fun and easy going Theo Darcy (more than his brother, but don’t tell Prince Darcy) and I have no qualms if he would like to stop by on my blog provided he has the time. Just say the word and I’ll be ready.

    • Don’t worry, Luthien, we won’t tell the Prince! 😉

      Theo very much appreciates your kind words! He asked me to pass on his apologies. He has a very limited time for his tour, as he wants to make sure his brother doesn’t catch him out (he says he knows you will understand why!) Colette (above) has just nabbed his last available spot, so he is unable to visit you on this occasion, but he sends his best wishes and thanks you for standing by him. He says he needs all the support he can get! 😉

      • Yes, I do understand why he might want to vanish. I’m sure Theo will blurt out a secret or two which his brother doesn’t want it to be known. All the best for the tour.

  5. I came into that story late but so enjoyed catching up and following it. I will definitely look forward to the release of the book. And it looks as if it will be on several blogs I read. Have fun. Thanks for the news.

  6. Great news indeed! Looking forward to February for sure! Can’t wait to hear what mischief Theo has been up to. Looking forward to the release! Great to hear from you too Cassandra…you have been missed.

  7. Thank you, Carole! (I hope you are not in the part of Canada that will get this dreadful storm later this week)

    Theo? Up to mischief? Surely not! 😉

    Thank you for missing me! I’ve been hibernating and busy writing. You’ll get a double whammy from me this week, though, as I have a Jane in January post for tomorrow!

  8. Oh so exciting! I was just thinking about the Brothers this past week and wondering if the book would be out any time soon, so this is wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you bunches to all you wonderful authors!!! Can hardly wait!!

    • Thank you, Laurel Ann!

      Interesting it certainly will be. It takes all five of us to keep Theo in some sort of order, and we daren’t turn our backs!

  9. Somehow missed this post till just now!

    Like Sheila, I came late to the party but thoroughly enjoyed catching up and then taking part in the evolution of the story.

    I’m really looking forward to Theo’s blog visits. Who knows what he’ll have to say about his family and what everyone’s been up to?

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