Persuasion 200: The Crofts Discuss the Lease of Kellynch Hall by Mary Simonsen — 20 Comments

  1. Yes, for a seafaring man a 1 year’s lease is good. Since it is a complete change in life and activity level, try it out. Very similar to Charles Bingey’s Sir Walter’s & Elizabeth’s rooms experience no such deficiencies. The Admiral’s conclusion that “there seems to be no harm in him” is true in that the Baronet has no sense of anything but his vanity and his place in society. I, think, what a boring, dull existence that is.

    I cannot picture the admiral on a horse (that vision made me chuckle).

    Thank you Mary, so nicely written. I liked getting into Mrs. Croft’s head. Looking forward to her thoughts on Anne & Frederick ass the story progresses.

  2. Mrs Croft is very observant! Love how Sir William’s vanity is demonstrated in his lack of “care” for all parts of the house save his and his favorite daughter’s portion. Did Mrs Croft notice a difference in the appearance of Anne’s room compared to that of her father’s and sister’s? Would a noticeable difference show Anne as more sensible in Mrs Croft’s mind?

  3. Oh, Mary, you have a wicked sense of humor! I’m sure Sir Walter would be horrified if he knew how astute the Crofts are – and how they do not feel the slightest bit intimidated by his glorious person.

  4. It’s perhaps just as well that the admiral doesn’t learn to ride a horse. As we know, he has enough difficulty learning to drive a gig! Thanks for this peek into the Crofts’ thoughts, Mary!

  5. A twinkle in her eye…that line was perfect..think I would be great friends with the seeing their personalities fleshed out..can’t wait to see how they treat Frederick..if they will see his regard for Anne before he does

  6. ROFL – with last lines – is my mind in the gutter? But then they are married and happily. Oh, Joy.

    Lovely and insightful as to what the rooms might look like and the differences…but sadly, not surprising as we all have this pair’s “number”. Thanks for a laugh – it is always “good medicine.

  7. Oh I do love how you have portrayed the Crofts! Their easy manner and sense of humour was delightful! Thank you!

  8. Hilarious ending! Liked Mrs Croft’s reflections and this seemed really true to character with the way they are portrayed in the book, as a devoted and content couple with few airs and graces.

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