The Cajun Cheesehead Chronicles [part 1 of 2] by Jack Caldwell — 13 Comments

  1. I absolutely *loved* this interview with the archetypal “mean girl.” Thanks, Jack, for evoking a smile and a chuckle on this busy morning! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    PS “Stud-muffin”? Really????

  2. Delightful! Caroline is fun to hate — and I imagine her character would have been fun for any of those actresses to portray, to get to be mean-spirited and catty. Is she fun for an author to write about? I have always throught there could be a lot more to Caroline – she’s obviously very smart and crafty, and hopefully did get her happiness with someone who could keep her mean-ness in check. Thank you!

  3. Love this ‘interview’ Jack. Almost as much as I love Pemberley Ranch and The Three Colonels.

    What she says about Indira Varma is quite true. Bride and Prejudice is one of my favourite ‘alternative’ dramatisations and Ms. Varma’s portrayal comes off very well. Does Miss Bingley know that Ms. Varma has gone on to portray the ‘paramour’ of a Prince in HBO’s Game of Thrones? Although they’re not married, he IS a Prince, and could also be described as another ‘stud-muffin’. Surely that would satisfy her desire for status? Shame he meets a rather gruesome end, though.

  4. Hey, Jack…almost a year and a half late but I committed two days to reading older and unopened e-mails and found this from you. Ironically, I just finished reading Caroline by Sue Barr and the lady does get her happy ending…but also a few changes in her outlook and her behavior. This was well-done. I liked the mix of Regency and modern terms or expectations. Thanks for sharing.

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