Snowbound at Hartfield — 35 Comments

  1. That was such a fun post. I agree with the above sentiments…more please. A love interest for the Colonel in Miss Elliott?

  2. This was excellent. I would love to see much more of this particular story. Who would ever have guessed that Elizabeth Elliot could come down off her pedestal and be real?! I think the March Madness theme has been a brilliant success. The posts have all been fun to read, but this one is by far my favorite. It really is a delight to see these characters interacting with each other. Thank you for a wonderful start to my morning.

  3. So… Elizabeth Elliot has had her comeuppance and has reformed her behavior.

    (Sounds like someone else I know, but I can’t remember who…)

    And the ole LMPD is still single, but is in possession of an estate.

    Sounds like the next book from Grace!

  4. Oh yes, as I was reading this I was thinking I would love to read an entire story about this group together. I hope you will consider it. 🙂

  5. Yes, I guess without Anne to feel superior to, Miss Elliot might just tire of her father and the game of parading about.

  6. Elizabeth Elliot has finally tired of her father and his pretensions. About time! If she can start acting like a person, rather than a marionette, that would be wonderful.

    Mr. Bennet is going to have a lovely time observing all of this…

    • I have to think that after the events of Persuasion, she started seeing things a little differently. Yes, Mr. B is an interesting observer, particularly of what he finds ridiculous.

  7. Miss Eliot was actually like able
    Very good story. Would love to see it expanded with the complete cast of characters!!

    Great job!!

  8. Really enjoyed the interaction among these characters! Great way to start my spring break–absolutely want more of this story!

  9. Lovely Maria. I wouldn’t have thought of Elizabeth Elliot for the Colonel but she seems to have improved. I’m glad he has inherited an estate and can leave the army. And that Darcy is helping him. Especially as he has Elizabeth to support him 😘

  10. The thought of Elizabeth Elliot turning into a heroine would make me cringe, except I know you are quite capable of turning the worst of Miss Austen’s characters into lovable creatures! I find this idea fascinating, and would love to see it continued.

  11. OH! The Colonel and Elizabeth Elliot! Well as you say Elizabeth is frayed around the edges and the Colonel being a soldier is more rough around the edges, it could very well work! In your hands, I know it will!

  12. Yes, please–MORE!!!! 😀

    This is brilliant and I’d love, love, love to read more!!! 😀

    (Have I convinced you yet?)

    I am most curious about the Colonel and Miss Elliot! I suppose that she can please where she wishes…after all, the Colonel is the son of an earl and has just inherited! What is there *not* to like?

    Thanks for writing for us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  13. What an intersting mix of personalities! Who would ever think that the high and mighty Miss Elliot would disagree with her father?!

  14. Did Miss Elliot suffer a brain injury and undergo a change in personality? No? That mixture seems more like pouring together of oil and water. I am sure someone is suffering from frost bite or some mysterious affliction.

    Thanks for an amusing out-of-the-blue variation “act 1”. Happy Easter.

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