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  1. This is a tough one to respond to as it is difficult to realise we are coming to an end. (Sniff). bBu that then leaves us open to new beginnings.I I think this young gentlewoman should be quite nervous of Theo as she is alone. should she trust him or fear of being put into a worse situation. Hmmmm…. difficulties. If she doesn’t trust him then how will she hsnflr it…go along anyway in the hopes it’ll be better.

    As for Wickham….I feel he will be more resentful of both. Maybe try to ‘nap both or wait until the sequel to do so. He don’t take this lying down.

    Will miss the banter since reader’s choice has begun. Hopefully it will continue for the next choice.

    • Hi Deborah! I suspect Evie is working, so will comment on your comment. 🙂
      I know! It is sad to have TDB taking a holiday – will Theo be studying law texts with Georgiana while away?

      Am hoping the sequel has at least one story where Theo needs the help of Georgiana, Elizabeth and Anne, possibly them infiltrating the darker side of the Ton to reveal something sinister. Ladies have access to stuff where no gentleman would have a clue! Here’s hoping!

      If Evie has her way, Wicked will be hopping along on crutches when he does a ‘nap. 😀 Maybe my wish for Mrs Younge to be his cohort will work out! No worries, we know the writers will take care of our heroines!

        • :-). Hmmmm……13 napping 4 year olds gives me a chance to think….maybe it means get herself out of it….meaning her situation

        • Yes. Your thought makes sense. Missed it the first 2 times I read your response. I think I need a new brain as well as new eyeglasses. Yeah the letters kinda look like very poorly spelled hassenpfeffer. 🙂

          • 😉 when i type, most of it is phonetic – really count on the computer to red-line my typing. usually spend as much time mousing over misspelt words as tyuping! LOL

            • I can testify to the fact that he spend a ridiculous amount of time hovering over red lines. Unfortunately those red lines are usually mine! Hotta love group editing!

  2. I meant to day that I hope the Reader’s Perspective will continue for the next Reader’s Choice. It has been fun.

    • Yes, it certainly gave us free rein in speculation! The whole underlying concept of the website has been stronger interaction between writers and we readers – so it is our ‘job’ to be forthright and speak our piece! Your help in that is very much appreciated!

  3. Dave, as always, loved your speculations! Lydia to be paired with a sea captain, a kidnapping and a collaboration between W and Mrs Y, possibly involving the Mob seem to be recurring themes! LOL

    Thank you and Evie so much for these weekly insights into the minds of two very imaginative readers! Your scenes have always been entertaining and fun and your thoughts on the chapters both hilarious and intriguing by turn.

    • Hi Cassandra – the dialog between brothers this week was so good! The insight into their thoughts being different from what is spoken – so very realistic as we all know and do ourselves! The character building/changing is grand as we get to go along for the ride.

      I personally have hopes that you writers will treat the ‘the Terror of the Ton’ gently – she has so much living to make up! Lots of flirting? That was one of her requests! Her whole life is in your hands! No pressure. 😀

      Since the chapter next week will be even longer, am hoping we get more Elizabeth/Darcy discussions – the poor guy needs regular reassurance and lots of prodding to keep going in a good direction. Sometimes a gag would help, but just a gentle touch from Elizabeth seems to freeze him in his tracks. How handy for her! Good training for the future. 🙂

  4. Deborah, don’t think of it as an end; think of it as a beginning of a whole new set of possible stories. (I hate to see it end as well…therefore, it shouldn’t. Even if only in my imagining. 🙂 )

    Thanks for the post. An interesting and entertaining read as always. You asked for what we thought Theo’s response might be, so her is my answer. What do you think?

    Theo’s response:

    Theo reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a pasteboard card. “Go to this address tomorrow morning before ten. There are some ladies there that will help you.”

    “I cannot, sir. My flowers.” Her shoulders slumped. “Madame gets very cross if they are not all gone.” She shivered obviously remembering what happened the last time her basket was not empty.

    “Bring your flowers. I will make sure you go back to your employer with an empty basket. I happen to know that these ladies love flowers.” He dropped the card into her basket.

    The young woman looked at the card. Darcy, Darcy, and De Bourgh was written across the top with an address below. She turned questioning eyes at the man standing before her. “Darcy?”

    “Indeed. Relations of mine, two sisters and a cousin.” Theo shook his head. How Elizabeth had ever talked his brother into allowing the three of them to start such a charity was beyond him. In fact, he was pretty sure he did not wish to know the particulars of the how. Elizabeth had proven quite adept at changing his brother’s mind. “Will you be there tomorrow?”

    “I will, but I cannot take your card. I will remember the directions. If my employer found me with this,” again she shuddered.

    “Very good. I will tell the ladies to expect you tomorrow before ten.” Theo took the card back from her. Giving her a nod, he proceeded on his way. Perhaps tomorrow he would find out why the card presented such a problem. A niggling suspicion was forming in the back of his brain. He would need his cousin Richard and his associates to do some sniffing around.

    • Oooooh! I like this Eileen! It is different from what I envisioned – that makes it even better! More choices! It ties nicely with the comment exchange with Deborah above. The dialog is smooth and the hook at the end leaves the reader wanting more. Well done!

    • I too like this Eileen. Thank you for taking the genersl ideas SNF putting it into story form much more eloquently than I was able to.

    • Wonderful, Eileen! Elizabeth, Georgiana and Anne would be a force hard to argue with. They could help the flower girl, then Georgiana could tell Theo who the real villain is and make sure he’s prosecuted. 😉

  5. “I think most of the readers would like for him to lose another ‘appendage’ – ” – Yes, yes, yes….I hinted at that in one of my comments, maybe last week.

    “Now the agency will not send me for interviews. I am at my wits end…” Theo, being what he is, will inquire as to the name of the “agency” and/or the party with whom she interviewed previously. Sounds like some more detective work is appropriate. Was this party a cover for a brothel? and is the “agency’ part and parcel of the recruiting scheme?

    I know we have so many possibilities for future stories and the one written above shows some true talent. Haven’t we been asking when authors here might construct one? Even if it is a comedy…LOL

    Thanks for the amusing wanderings through your thought patterns. I always look forward to this.

    • Hi Sheila! Yes, if left to we readers, Wicked would be missing numerous parts – not all at the same time! However he suffers though, he manages to continue as the major thorn to the Darcy family. My thoughts in the post about him sponging off Theo gives him a more pliable Darcy to exploit. That will be a growing experience for Theo – find a solution to the Wickham problem.

      Getting to the bottom of the flower lady’s dilemma would be right down Theo’s alley! As you know Regency novels abound with stories of agencies being heartless and sending women to jobs that are known to be lechers – typical greed. Any woman unprotected is vulnerable – sad but true!

      I do have a leaning to light hearted stories – tooo much angst and I lose interest. A tough issue for writers, how much of each emotion to be put in their stories. I guess that is why I enjoy making snippets – can keep the tone light and frivolous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dave and Evie – Thanks for all your hard work on the Reader’s Perspective! It’s taken the story to a whole new level! Also thanks for being a part of our unique and innovative way of storytelling. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there doing a Reader’s Choice story like this. Your insights and the comments you helped generate related to TDB spurred us to make the story even better. I love those “missing scenes” we added in response to reader comments and think they improved the story overall.

    • Hi Susan! Evie and I have had fun with the perspective and speculations! Yes, this story and its unique links to the reader has kept the readership interest high. I especially like having a choice in story direction. Sure, some weeks it is pretty straightforward, but shooting Elizabeth really surprised me – in a good way. The readers trusted you writers to take care of our favorite characters – a bit bruised but staying whole.

      If asked, I would bet the readers would like a choice with wider path opportunities. That may be a stretch for some writers so the choices each week would need careful consideration – wider some weeks, narrower on others..

      The missing scenes are important inserts in the story. Obviously as it rolled along, an occasional back-track is inevitable – you would surely be doing the same with any novel written. We readers do look forward to the whole story being available in one novel – TDB will be a special novel to be owned – not only for its story value but also the memories we readers have of its creation.

      • Shooting Elizabeth totally shocked me. Half the time I’d think it was obvious what the readers would choose – and then they’d choose something different which would send me scrambling.

  7. AMEN to all that has been said! There is certainly a lot of creativity and talent revealed. At the risk of revealing my own ignorance, what does SWAG mean? My husband and I … before we were married… used to sign our almost daily letters with “SWAK” and more creative variations, but that doesn’t seem to work here! 🙂

    And yes, please make this wonderful story into a novel that we can own! It has indeed been a fun adventure with you all!

    • Hi Carol! SWAG – stupid wild arse guess – used it a lot when an information technology manager. 😀
      It went along with ‘waving a dead chicken’ to fixing computer problems that you can’t figure out what is wrong. Just turn off all the power, reboot and have the end user call back it it recurs ( often didn’t).
      Actually used that technique yesterday when my PC memory card reader stopped working. 😉

      It has been a fun adventure – hope the writers use the reader choice idea for more stories!

    • This ‘swag’ refers to promotional prizes, in this case more Theo stuff – tote bags, magnets, keychains, etc. Everything that’s necessary for those of us who just can’t get enough Theo in our lives!

        • LOL!! Shows how everything is open to interpretation. I like the “waving a dead chicken” concept! Hopefully we won’t be sending anyone one of those kind of SWAGs.

          Pirate’s plunder. Arrrrgh!

          • Actually my staff bought me a rubber chicken – stayed on my monitor. When they had a dubious project, I signaled my approval to their solution by tossing the chicken at them. Heads up in my office!

        • 😀 This is one of those cool cases where we are all right!
          Evie was referring to the acronym – wild arse guess
          Sheila is right – Avast mateys! No glooming on t’r my treasure!
          Abigail is right about the wonderful Theo swag! Keep it coming! 🙂
          And me? Just a play on the word – we often used it for goodies and unallocated money above and beyond budget needs – used for nefarious purposes like unnecessary computer hardware the crew wanted to investigate but could not justify. Theo might consider his unneeded allowance to be funds for some cool purpose – like a women’s shelter…

  8. Ahh, I knew Wickham would only cause trouble by living – but it’s Theo’s fault that he survived. Similarly, I am a wee bit suspicious of this posey-girl. Is she a con artist?

    I do want to see Theo in action as a barrister, and I’d like to see him develop more discernment. He was once wrong about Wickham and his own brother, so perhaps this posey-girl and a few clients could fool him too. Anne de Bourgh is still so new at being among society that she could be easy-pickings for a con artist.

    And we need to see “rake” Monty in action, too.

    As for Lydia, she might run away from marriage to a disfigured one-armed Wicky. What would Mrs Bennet say? This story has been lacking in Mrs Bennet. (gasp! what did I just say???)

    • LOL! OK June, an evil duplicitous posey girl – another option I had not considered!! This one hurts my head! 🙂

      Just checked Monty’s twitter: “Man-about-town, rake par excellence, curricle racer, loyal friend of Theo Darcy, Darcy Brothers correspondant”. So he is obviously a good rake, since he has some ethics regarding gentlewomen. We have been around this block before. 😉

      Still want to see him in action in a curricle – maybe taking Anne to Hyde Park where they bicker on how to properly handle his fractious team. Anne carries spare whip points in a custom pocket of her spencer.

      You are right, the story has been light on the elder Bennets – something for Theo to experience in the sequel!
      I believe I am scheduled to be out of town that month! (quiver/shudder) 😀

      • Yes, we’ve been around before on Monty – but no ACTION scenes with him. For Theo’s loyal friend, he hasn’t been seen much. He doesn’t need to work because he has money, but what does he DO all day?

        • A really good point! Wonder if some writer will give us a hint next week – or do we have to wait until everyone gets back from holiday?? Even a cameo role… Talk about all his horses including the ones racing at Newcastle? Curricle races to Brighton and back? Boring estate business? You are right June, he can’t just sit in his clubs and his gambling halls ALL the time! Inquiring minds want to know! 😀

  9. Thanks for another fun wrap-up of this week’s reader’s perspective. So fun reading your ideas. I like Evie’s names for Wickham — creepzilla is good, but “cockroach goon stupid pants” is even better. For a lighthearted touch, I’d hope that Wickham would someday just become that bothersome, old cantakerous uncle that no one wants at family gatherings and who blurts out inappropriate things about his past — but that he evolves into something harmless rather than a sinister drain on the family’s finances and good will. Maybe he and Lydia could move in with Mr. and Mrs. Bennet.

    For what’s to come, I will be happy with anything, pretty much, but I definitely want to see some happy moments between Elizabeth and Darcy before this tale is through. And I also want to get a hint of Theo’s future happily-ever-after, though he totally deserves his own story in that way. I love the idea that the Darcy (& DeBourgh) family will reach out to help other young women who have been ill-used – they can be part of the influential society that does something helpful. I’d like to think Darcy would become open to Georgiana getting herself educated about the law – especially since the whole family is showing itself as compassionate and ethical. Darcy will have such a intelligent partner in his wife that it will be apparent to him that the women need to get out more and shake things up!

    Finally, I thought SWAG was an acronym for “stuff we all get” — like promotional things we get by the handfuls at trade shows.

    • Hi Kathy! That idea of Wickham and Lydia living with the Bennets… Poor Mr. Bennet – the idea pushed my eyebrows up into my hair line! Mr Bennet would elope himself – to Pemberley’s library as a permanent resident!

      I agree with you on the Lizzy/Will happy moments – before the next crisis hits, and you know it will. These writers seem to have an endless well of angst-producing events to draw on. Not worried about the heroines doing well in the stories – just a smile, touch, or tear and the heroes fold – think it has something to do with male genetics.

      🙂 Another swag definition! All is well if there is plenty of The Darcy Brothers swag! Will there be an Elizabeth Darcy mug? Sign me up!

  10. Once again, an amazing discussion about the week’s penultimate chapter from Dave and Evie. Can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said by others a lot more eloquently than I can.

    I hope you’ll be continuing on the next project, please?

    • Hi Anji! This has all been fun, hasn’t it? Thank you for posting – even if it is a ‘ditto’ comment, that is important to Evie and I plus the writers! Reader feedback is an important part of this trial – if all that posted here was silence and crickets chirping in the dark.. well, the writers would change to some other form of communication to the readers. . ( lurking is noted and appreciated, but comments count more) The more people participating, the more likely something will continue. Honestly, that is my opinion. I am not a limelight seeking person, so in future projects you will probably find me lurking behind the third potted plant on the right -but how could I help but toss in an opinion here and there! 😉

  11. Yet another fun post guys, thanks! Loved your speculations and most of all the Wickham-bashing! Don’t we all just love to do that!!!!!

    I agree, it was great to see Georgiana whip those two headstrong brothers of hers into shape and make them behave, or else… and it was hilarious that she used Elizabeth to threaten them into getting on instead of squabbling – just perfect!

    Looking forward to next week’s stuff! Oh, why oh why do we have to say goodbye to Theo so soon? 🙁

    • Hello Joana – thanks for stopping by! Is Georgiana practicing her feminine wiles on the brothers – or is she about to have an epiphany when she notices their response. “HA! When I say ‘Elizabeth’, Will glazes over and gets a goofy, dreamy look on his face. THIS will have its uses. he he”

      “And Theo, when I say ‘law books’, he gets the same goofy look!”


      • LOL – Loved that, Dave. I think you have that female mind in a little part nailed correctly. Men are so easy to manipulate when most of the ones I know only have the battle (on the field of any sport) in their heads. Not counting you – any male participating in any Jane Austen discussion is head and shoulders above others in my world!

        • Hi again Sheila! Checked back and my first Guest Post was Feb 2 – just been two months, but it seems much longer! 🙂 That first post was so short compared to the much more verbose ones over the last month. A little less shy about expressing my opinions – shouting out across this vast ocean of discerning Janeites. Am glad Evie was willing to help out, and I do hope that if the writers decide to do a Reader Perspective for another project, that more readers will volunteer to host a few weeks! The more the merrier! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Although I’m so late to comment, I would like to say your posts cracks me up, Evie and Dave. I think Georgiana and Elizabeth teaming up to combat the Darcy brothers is going to be fantastic. And Theo using his allowance from his big brother for charitable causes is good and I would love to see it happening. I’m hoping he gets to meet a suitable love match in the sequel. I think someone like Elizabeth who is witty and not afraid to say what she thinks, a kind-hearted person like Jane Bennet and also act like Georgiana who listens and willing to discuss law cases with.

    I like your story of Theo and the posey seller. I definitely go for the option where Theo takes up her case and sue the agency.

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