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  1. I just found this website yesterday. I love everything about it. This post is so clever. Although I hesitate to suggest this, perhaps Caroline should read Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel trilogy. She might begin to understand what love and sacrifice are all about, and I am sure she would enjoy Gabriel’s “Darcyesque” tendencies. For Georgiana, Jane Glover’s Mozart’s Women. And speaking of Mozart, George Wickham should be forced to attend Mozart’s Don Giovanni on a weekly basis until he “gets” it.

    • I’m not familiar with the trilogy you mentioned but I’ll check into it. I love your idea for Wickham – LOL – although I suspect he’d never “get” it. I just don’t think he’s capable of it.

  2. Interesting choices for the characters but I do think that Lady Catherine may have read Bryson but she could have written a much more knowledgable history of everything if only she had learnt to write!

    • Hi Susan, the “Gabriel” trilogy is something I discovered last spring, and the books were particularly powerful for me. The final book was only released Dec. 3. There is a huge following for this series. A few months ago I “fell” into Pride and Prejudice “what ifs” and fan fiction, and haven’t been quite the same since. I’ve read ALL the authors participating on this site, and this new “discipline” has helped me progress slowly on my own novel, which is about a 17th/18th century Venetian opera singer [whom I research in “real” life], also set partially in England, colonial America, and modern America. Time travel would be useful for me at this point. I don’t think Wickham will ever get it either, but he could probably pick up some new strategies from Don Giovanni, such as serenading his latest conquests as he plays his guitar. Maybe he could also learn some new dance moves.

  3. This is awesome! I myself want to read many of these but can’t seem to find the rime. There are so many other books to read!

  4. I loved the list. Some of the titles made me chuckle. Like you, as soon as I figured out what words were I was reading all the time and taking out books from the library constantly. I’m so addicted to reading that I read while waiting on line and while walking(not looking where I’m going isn’t the smartest, but can’t help it). I’d have to say that I’m Jane Bingley when reading to my 4 year old students, but identify more with Elizabeth’s reading list. Loved reading Rebecca. Enjoyed North and South. Although I have to say some of Anne deBurgh’s and all of Bingley’s are part of my library. I think your books match the characters quite well….it was fun.

  5. I again, am ashamed to say…my husband introduced to Rebecca like he did to Pride and Prejudice. embarrassed to say…Rebecca when in my 30’s and P & P when in my 40’s(never read it in High School).

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