P&P Missing Scenes – The Bennet Sisters Pack Up Before the Wedding — 20 Comments

    • Thanks, Jane! Kind of into jewellery right now…have a son getting married in about a month and trying to decide what to wear with my dress for the rehearsal dinner and wedding…I think it had a subliminal effect on my story!!! 🙂

  1. So sweet. I can just imagine the scene with 2 sisters as close as they were. Thank you for such a pretty scene over a cup of coffee.

  2. Beautiful scene! It makes me a little sad. I have 3 sisters and have never been that close to any of them. The bittersweet along with the so very sweet (marrying Darcy/Bingley).

  3. My sister and I are only 13 months apart and we always fought over and “borrowed” each other’s clothing and/or jewelry growing up. We didn’t become real friends until we both married and moved away. Even though we only see each other once or twice a year we share secrets over text messages and e-mails regularly, secrets which will go to the grave with us. I do wish we lived closer tho’.

    • As you can see from the comment above, my sister and I are very close in age- it seemed like people always asked us our ages during the 1 month we were the same age and they would look at us (we didn’t look at all alike back then- she had dark brunette hair and hazel eyes and I had blonde or light brown hair and pale blue eyes) and ask, “Are you twins?” Our answer: “No.” Without further clarification…leaving them scratching their heads over this oddity. My mom wasn’t a good pregnant person…she had morning sickness for 9 months with each of us and would faint and have to be carried out of restaurants, etc. I asked her once how she managed to go through two pregnancies with only a 2 month break in between. Her answer: “I cried a lot.” Aaaaahhhhh. That explains it! 🙂

  4. Lovely passage – it brought tears to my eyes as I can understand how “parting is such sweet sorrow” with these dear sisters.

  5. Very, very well done! It is nice to think that Jane and Elizabeth will be able to continue their closeness for the rest of their lives. After all, what is 30 miles of good road? I would expect Darcy & Bingley to save themselves worry and just pave the road between their two estates!

    • Great idea, Dave! I’m sure they came up with that idea within the first year after the end of P&P and there was a mysteriously smooth and dry road between two manor houses in Derbyshire which has puzzled historians ever since! 🙂

  6. This is so fun! The whole time leading up to the weddings is skipped over pretty quickly, so it’s really nice to see a little bit of what happened during the “flurry of arrangements”! The closeness between the two sisters has always seemed to me a reflection of Jane Austen’s relationship with her sister Cassandra, so we get to see another scene that was never written, in a way, as well….

    • Yes, Julie, we have all really enjoyed filling in the back story from Pride and Prejudice…and from Persuasion in our other outing! Austen’s works keep their classic status through the ages because the stories are about human emotions and feelings and not about the details of daily life…It doesn’t matter what the house looks like or how long it takes to get to Derbyshire in a carriage, so we are free to visualize them and their actions however we want! Things change over time, but people and their thoughts and feelings do not…

  7. A touching scene. I have 3 brothers and always wanted a sister there have been times in my life when I was especially close to one brother or another, but nothing like what I imagine as the closeness between sisters. I am now blessed with two daughters who are exactly 3 years apart and I love watching their relationship. I hope they’re always good friends.

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