P&P: Behind the Scenes – Stir it Up Sunday — 4 Comments

  1. I find the stir-up Sunday quite interesting. Collins in attendance and helping is quite, ugh! I never thought about the timing of Collins visit. A wife for Christmas (as a Christmas gift for him)? Gives me the shivers. Thank you for describing the custom so clearly and in such a humorous & cringe worthy way. 🙂 You made me smile and chuckle.

  2. Most enjoyable reading about all that goes into making Christmas pudding. Collins had no brains. Couldn’t he tell that Elizabeth was out of his capacity to think? The only one that was similar to Collins’ ridiculous imaginings was Mrs. Bennet. Even poor Mary was beyond him, but at least make him good wife.

  3. What a wonderful tradition! I knew that the Sunday before Advent, also known as Christ the King, was called “Stir-Up Sunday” from the Collect for the day, and I knew that Christmas puddings were usually stirred and bagged for their month-long maturing process. (Being an Anglican, even just Reformed Episcopal, has its privileges, LOL!) But using the Collect and the tradition to embarrass poor Lizzy with Mr. Collins’ unwelcome attentions (poor Mary!) was sheer genius on your part. A brilliant twist on this lovely tradition! 😀

    Thank you for a most amusing story, Maria Grace. I think I cringed with Elizabeth every time. Poor girl!

    Susanne (who needs to go shopping for Advent candles this week….)

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