P&P Behind the Scenes: Lydia’s Wedding — 36 Comments

  1. Oh wow! The unrepentant Lydia! That girl would be the death of her family if they were to still have to live with her! Thank goodness she is Wickham’s “problem,” I mean wife now!

    Thanks for the three part story. It was a hoot!

    • I’m so glad you liked it, Patty! I agree the family can bless their stars they’ve gotten rid of Lydia!

  2. The girl should be slapped across her face every time she opens her mouth with a disgusting remark. By the time she gets to church, she wouldn’t worry about Wickham’s red coat, her face would serve the purpose for the need of red.

    • LOL, that’s what Lydia deserves, all right! But we may be sure that as Wickham’s wife, she won’t have an easy life…

  3. Talk about being blind and deaf!! She doesn’t hear anything Aunt Gardiner is saying, she just carries on living in her own dreams. And just how she can think that Wickham is more handsome than Darcy – well! That just proves it! Thanks Diana for this 3 part story. I think that it fits perfectly into the original 😊

    • Thank you very, very much, Glynis, that is the best compliment I could ever receive, and I’m grateful!

  4. It’s been such fun to read all three of these, Diana! Thank you for these vividly imagined scenes. I love all the colours in this one. “I’m getting married, any way, and I’m sure that is nothing to be ashamed of” — great line!

  5. The other day I had a small amount of sympathy for Lydia. Gone. The bed she will be sleeping in will be delightful at first, but it won’t remain so.

  6. Goodness. This is a faithful portrait of Lydia on her wedding day…and it’s a frightening one. Does not that girl have one thought in her head but officers, Wickham in particular, and finery?

    Good riddance, and have fun with Wickham, Lydia!

    Thanks for a wonderful, albeit frustrating, portrayal of Lydia on her wedding day. Thoughtless, stupid girl!

    Susanne 🙂

  7. Lydia, like Wickham, will always find a way around things and blame others for her problems or fix them. I just picture her as a modern day spoiled brat putting their hands over their ears and saying…’blah, blah, blah’ when someone tries to make them see reason. Well she had made her bed and now she has to sleep in it! Thank you for these posts!

    • Thanks for reading, Carole – and isn’t she the quintessential spoiled brat? I could keep on going. 🙂

  8. Give me a break! How utterly unrepentant and uncaring Lydia is! She reminds me of a simpleton. I wonder if she will rue the day. It would serve her right. And what a selfish attitude. I can just picture her…….

  9. Oh myyy! I rather like Carol’s suggestion above, about having her face slapped, so she has something red to wear. And that red Spencer; she ‘borrowed’ the money to buy it but does she have any intention of paying it back? Almost certainly not – just like her soon-to-be husband. They make a well-matched pair. Does she still have no idea what Wickham’s plans for her were?

    She’s about to come back to earth with a very large bump, once they get to Newcastl, I suspect.

    • Yes, great line of Carol’s, something red to wear. In one way Lydia and Wickham are perfectly matched – their moral scruples, i.e., none!

  10. Oh! Thoughtless, thoughtless Lydia! I predict that she will have half a dozen children in as many years and will raise them with even less sense than she was raised by her own foolish mother. What a heritage! Mr. and Mrs. Bennet did not do their youngest any favors by indulging her every whim for so many years.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jan. Yes, the combination of Mrs. Bennet’s spoiling and Mr. Bennet’s neglect, was lethal for Lydia, I agree!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jan. Oh, yes, Lydia will surely have a big batch of children, and have a very hard life. I’m getting sorrier and sorrier for her!

  11. As much as I would dislike Lydia in real life, I would love to see YOU act as Lydia in a skit. You channel her so well in your writing; I suspect you would make her come alive on a stage. Do you think she will ever, ever, ever realize her folly? And what of Wickham….. what did it take for him to realize that he would never be able to catch a rich heiress bride, that Lydia was the best he could do? More from your pen, please – you know we always want more of your writing!

    • Oh June, how sweet of you to say that, and how I would LOVE to play Lydia! I think I did have a (slight) streak of her when I was a bouncy 15-year-old, and I sort of relate. However, I’m too old for the part now, to put it mildly. 🙂 That said, I’d LOVE to write a Lydia play! You tempt me – and thank you so very, very much for your kind words!

    • Aw, thank you so much, Marcy! There are three here, one after the other, and in the intro to the first one, where it says “preface,” that’s the link to the earlier story, which was published on Aug. 24, 2015, which is another way to find it. Thanks for reading them!

  12. I just read all three of these (and the prologue posted earlier). Thanks for sharing. I especially liked this last one. We’ve always known that Aunt Gardiner tried to talk some sense into Lydia, but she would have none of it. This was a perfect imagining of one of their conversations!

    • Wendy, thank you so much for that. A “perfect imagining” is a better compliment than I deserve, but you sure make me feel like a million bucks and make my day! Thanks again!

  13. I do believe Lydia needs more than her face slapped…take her across one’s know and apply the branch of knowledge to the seat of learning! But we know of no one who is able to make any impression on her, she sees, hears and does what she wants to and damn the consequence. Perfectly written as it fits what I imagine happened. But, then she is now Wickham’s problem…oh, I mean wife.

  14. Seat of learning, LOL, Sheila! I’m afraid Lydia thinks too much with her seat of learning. But we know she is going to learn a hard lesson. Thanks for commenting!

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