P&P: Behind the Scenes – Lady Catherine Calls on Darcy — 29 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this scene behind the scenes! I loved reading Darcy’s thoughts and his words to Lady Catherine’s rants.

    Will you all be publishing this “behind the scenes” chapters of P & P. If so, I will look forward to when it is all together and available. Thank you again.

  2. Just wonderful! It’s lucky that Lady Catherine enjoys being useful although perhaps she may wish she had not interfered this time. Thanks for sharing this scene Abigail.

  3. Delightful behind the scenes chapter. If Lady Catherine knew just how much she aided Elizabeth and Darcy, she would have kept her mouth shut!

  4. Thank you so much for this missing scene. I love how ambiguous Lady C’s, believing anyone should be able to divine her thoughts. It’s great how Darcy doesn’t confront her, just uses the information. I wonder if she ever finds out just how much she aided Darcy and Lizzy. She’d just deny it and blame Elizabeth.s feminine wiles.

    • Perhaps Lady Catherine believes that if she thinks something loudly enough, everyone else will hear it! 😉 From Darcy’s behavior at Rosings, I don’t think he’s in the habit of confronting his aunt, so I tried to stick with that here.

  5. Lovely excerpt. I wonder what would have happened if Lady Catherine had not called to tell Darcy this news as again he had misread Elizabeth?! I adore the 1995 second proposal scene. Could watch it over and over again !

    • someone wrote a story like this. Lady c never went to see Darcy after confronting Elizabeth. I believe it was called Acting on Faith, and was on

    • Andrew Davies has commented that he now knows he missed the mark in that scene in that he didn’t have a kiss or even more happiness expressed….just that little smirk and they both look away!

  6. Lovely! I’ve often imagined how this scene went. I know it’s impossible, because it doesn’t follow canon, but I’ve always secretly kind of liked the way this was handled in the Laurence Olivier/Greer Garson version. Most of that movie I didn’t like, but I DID like that he actually got his aunt to conspire with him to bring Elizabeth around… The wicked little smile that passes between them is delicious!

  7. Well done. And I agree with Glynis – Lady C. does like to be useful and she certainly was in confronting both Elizabeth and then Darcy. So glad it led to an immediate realization on Darcy’s part of what Elizabeth’s feelings were and on her part of hope that he would now return to Netherfield and to her.

  8. Thank you for posting this story. I have long wondered a) how, when & what Darcy told Georgiana about Elizabeth before introducing them to each other and b) what Lady Catherine said to Darcy in London. Now one of those mysteries is solved! I thought this was lovely.

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