P&P: Behind the Scenes – Jane and Elizabeth leave Netherfield — 11 Comments

  1. Wonderful vignette–I enjoyed Jane and Elizabeth’s thoughts as they left Netherfield behind. And Mrs. Bennet’s “welcome”–typical. 😉

    Thank you for writing for us! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    • I loved writing it! It was really fun to think of what Elizabeth’s thoughts would be and her relief at leaving Netherfield behind. Thanks, Susanne!

  2. Very true to what one could imagine. Mrs. Bennet had me jumping at her abrupt screech. Jane has only positive thoughts and Elizabeth can only see judgmental ones.

    • I do enjoy a good ridiculous Mrs. Bennet, and I do see her as such in the book. Glad it was true to what you would imagine. Thanks, Sheila!

  3. Oy, Mrs Bennet! Sheesh. So typical.

    I believe I’d be eager to leave all that awkwardness as Lizzy was. And poor Jane – to have to be sick at someone else’s house and not even get to see much of Mr Bingley! Maybe they should’ve stayed an extra day. (Sorry, Mrs Bennet just hikacked my mind for a minute! Haha)

  4. Lizzie is so biased due to he slight Darcy gave that she can’t see beyond her own prideful outlook. Mrs. Bennet’s screech….that would make me jump too. 🙂 so much fun to read. I love the missing scene. Made me shake my head and chuckle at t he same time. So very Lizzie.

    • I’m so happy you liked it. Lizzy is truly prejudiced. So much so that she is blind to his partiality towards her, even at Hunsford. Pride goeth before a fall! Thanks, Deborah!

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