P&P: Behind the Scenes – Darcy Prepares for the Netherfield Ball — 8 Comments

  1. How pleasant to find Darcy eager for the Netherfield Ball! He managed to avoid Caroline throughout the day so hopefully he will be in a wonderful frame of mind. Now we can only hope Elizabeth will be too.

  2. Glad Darcy was able to avoid Caroline all day even if he had to put up with Mr. Hurst. His state of mind is shown by the fact he had difficulty concentrating on his book. That his mind is wandering. He doesn’t yet realize it, but he has it bad. hanks for a wonderful post. It had me smiling more than once, early this morning.

  3. I think it would be a wonderful novelette for someone to write. Just Darcy avoiding Caro at every turn. LOL Maybe finding Elizabeth in some hiding places coincidentally but always hiding from Caro. Poor man. She is such a harpy. It always makes me smile when you can see how besotted he was and just completely clueless.

  4. Loved this sweetly awkward vignette as we follow Darcy’s impatience during the day of the Netherfield Ball. He certainly has worked himself up for the event…and especially for seeing Elizabeth. His imaginings of waltzing with Elizabeth were such that I thought he would agree with Miss Bingley, but then, obviously he did not, and he and Bingley carried the point when we return to the novel.

    I loved the phrase “the acid-tongued Miss Bingley.” Perfect!

    Thank you for writing for us–this was a lovely little piece that shows Darcy’s awkwardness in company…and especially in the company of Miss Elizabeth…. 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  5. Just lovely. Darcy does have his hands full coming up with ways to avoid Caro and then to actually put up with Hurst – just shows how desperate he is to avoid Caro. I would think she would want the Waltz as Darcy would be obligated to dance with his host’s sister and she would think she could manipulate him into that dance…especially if it is played more than once. Thank you for this look into Darcy’s ponderings…even tho’ he has no clue that he is falling in love with Elizabeth.

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