P&P Behind the Scenes: Wickham’s Scheme of Elopement — 29 Comments

    • Isn’t she bad?! After all, she and Wickham were confederates together, more than once, the wicked pair!

  1. Oh my goodness! What a pair they are. Mind you, I get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing what’s eventually going to happen to Whickham. He just doesn’t see the ‘leg shackle’ coming at the moment, does he? And of course, none of it will be his fault.

    • Lydia is an innocent, despite her brashness and stupidity…or maybe because of them. Glad to have made you feel slimy, now I know I did my work right, LOL!

  2. What could go wrong,indeed!!! Oh, Wickham,will you never learn? Although he doesn’t seem to be targeting Darcy in particular.

    • No, he knows Darcy is on to him. Now he’ll just try to scrape up benefits wherever his scheming can take him. What a guy.

  3. I can almost feel sorry for Lydia. It’s just a shame that she is so self centred and careless of how her behaviour affects her family. I’m so glad that Wickham didn’t get away with it.

  4. Wickham’s mind is the devil’s playground! The scoundrel never stops planning to make money without having to work. Of course Lydia’s stupidity prohibits her thinking beyond her base desires, Wickham is an evil degenerate, and obviously Mrs. Younge is as morally bad as Wickham. Oh, what tangled web they weave. Hopefully they will snare themselves in that web.

    • What a great line – the devil’s playground! That’s perfectly apt. Well, we know how it comes out in the end…these people have to live with themselves and the results of their behavior!

  5. Wickham, Wickham, Wickham. Those “what could possibly go wrong?” schemes are always his downfall.

    I couldn’t find the preface to this vignette; I’d love it if someone could link the post. Thanks!

    Have a lovely day, everyone!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Susanne, the link does seem to work, I checked. Click in the intro on the word “preface.” It should take you there. I hope you like it! Let me know if it still doesn’t work and I’ll get the tech wizards on it.

  6. What could go wrong? Hehehe. Famous last words of a scoundrel. Darcy will show up again. How funny. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today.

  7. Sadly, given Lydia’s penchant for baubles and comfort, I’m not entirely sure that she would not be as happier as mistress to the Prince Regent than she would be married to Wickham.

    • You think? You know, I think she would have just loved to have her hands on his purse for all her shopping money! However, I don’t think the Prince Regent would have liked HER. He was, although a libertine and a glutton, a cultivated man who liked intelligence in his women. I don’t think Lydia would have come up to his standards!

  8. Oh, I so agree with the comment above about feeling slimy just reading this. Younge running a sex slave trade! How horrid…it is one thing that we read of Wickham seducing her into running to Gretna Green but here he tells us “he has already broken her in”…YUCK! yuck! yuck! He needs something cut off to end this type of banter. Repulsive to the nth degree. I could not think less of him…if that was your intent.

    • Oh my goodness, that is a first in my entire writing career (as far as I know)- to make TWO people feel slimy in one day! And who knows how many others who aren’t saying so? Well, yes, that was the intent: to show Wickham in all his double dealing sliminess. He really was a bad one.

  9. Why Diana, what a thoroughly reptilian pair these two make!! You’ve made them so horrid, they actually out-trump anything going on in actual events!! [Pray — do not accuse me of pun-making.]


  10. Quite liked it, though I thought the regent liked mature grandmotherly types .That is the kind of mistresses he had after Perdita. IT really does make one’s skin crawl to read about people calmly discussing the ruin of a young girl.

    • That’s true about the Prince Regent, Nan, but of course there would have been a lot of dodgy types trying to get close to him as well. There is something Liaisons Dangeureuses about these two…but at least it brings out Wickham’s wickedness!

  11. Diana,

    I feel left in suspense and looking forward to more of your infilling of the white spaces around Lydia. One take-away from the Zombies movie was the sympathy with which the movie treats her, in contrast to Elizabeth’s harsh condemnations of her. You too are adding a sympathetic twist in helping us to feel sorrow for Lydia. And there is pleasure in a thoroughly wicked villian, especially one who will get his comeuppance. All of this is consistent with Austen too.


    • Thank you so much for commenting, Diane. I’m so glad you think it consistent with Austen – that is what I hope for! I’m afraid I rather lost sympathy with Lydia by the end. And no, I didn’t write the song; that’s research. It was a song very popular at Brighton camp at the time when Lydia would have been there. Thanks again.

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