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  1. This is wonderful news, Kara Louise! I love listening to audible books while I draw and since this is one of my favorite books…well, it is exciting to learn it will be an audio book! YAY!

  2. Oh wow what wonderful news. I have never listened to an audible book before but have been very interested in downloading one. I live in the UK I will have to set up an audible account with Amazon in order to download it as I love all your books. Thank you

  3. I had this book on my TBR for quite a while and finally read ithis year. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your books and this one was no exception. I purchased the audible book as soon as it was released but had a couple I was obligated to read and review first. This is next on my listening list to begin either the end of this week or the beginning of next. I love reading stories with pirates and privateers in them even though pirates were less than savory characters. Some of my husband’s ancestors fought on privateer sloops during the American Revolution.

  4. The sample has me wanting to find out what happens next. I would love to read/hear the enitre book. Please include me in the drawing for the Audible book. I live in the US. Thanks!

  5. Arrrh, ’tis a fine sounding’ book, matey! I read this book when it first came out, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have recently discovered the joy of audiobooks and would love to add this to my small collection. ‘Tis hoping’ I win this ‘here book, I am!

  6. I have read this book (loved it!) and thank you for the giveaway for the audio book! I have a long drive in October and would so love to listen to it.

  7. I bought this book under it’s first title and actually have it upstairs next to my bed as I wanted to re-read some of my favorite scenes. I would love to have an audible copy to listen to as I travel to NJ to babysit my 2 grandchildren there.

    • Oops – I do have this book but the one upstairs is the other book which involves the sea…loved this one also having read it more than once.

  8. I really enjoyed the reading the book (twice ) and look forward to the audio book. I have a long train trip coming up in November and it will make the time pass quicker.

  9. I had read this book and enjoyed the premise and the story. I often listen to audible when walking and in the kitchen. I would love a chance to add this to my reading list!

  10. Oy, I be lovin this story so much matey! I wants t’ hear how yon narrator does Darcy’s pirate voice! I have an Audible acct but have yet to use it.

    (I be in the U.S.)

    monicaperry00 at gmail dot com

  11. I loved the book, I really enjoy listening to books after I read them so I would love to win.

    Kara any chance Darcy’s Voyage will be an audiobook? Please Please Please 🙂

    • Thanks, Jennifer! Unfortunately, since Sourcebooks published the paperback, it is up to them to release Darcy’s Voyage in audiobook – which they don’t seem inclined to do. 🙂

  12. I appreciate everyone’s comments and enthusiasm! Since I’ve had my granddaughter all day, haven’t been able to comment on each one, but thanks t’ ye’all! 🙂

  13. I loved your book! A different perspective for Lizzie changing her feelings about Darcy and a clever way of insinuating Wickham into the story.

    Audiobooks are my saving grace when I’m drowning in excel spreadsheets at work or mentally escaping my crowded, sweaty bus ride home from work. I’ve also made some of best dishes with an audiobook playing in the background– usually healthy dishes that I wasn’t excited about.

    If you havent tried an audio book yet, I highly recommend it. Even makes cleaning the house more enjoyable lol!

    I have an audible account in the US and my email is; laurenk1031 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the contest!

  14. What a treasure you be offerin’ to us landlubbers! I raise me pint t’ yer good fortune in finally havin’ this mighty ship sail! I be in the New World and would shiver me timbers t’ win the audiobook. TobinLF (at) hot mail (dot) com.

  15. Audiobooks are fantastic for getting a reading fix when you can’t actually read, because of carrying out other activities. I rarely listen to the radio when driving any more, much preferring an audiobook (currently listening to Ross Poldark by Winston Graham) and have a large collection of JAFF audios. As Lauren K says, they’re great for passing the time when cooking and cleaning, and I’ve also listened when gardening and decorating. I was listening to the end of one of Pam Dixon’s books and then Jane Austen Made Me Do It edited by Laurel Ann Nattrass when I redecorated my study last year. The ceiling and each wall all have their own particular stories forever associated with them!

    Pirates and Prejudice was a great read; I think it’s my favourite out of all of yours so far, Kara, though I still have some sitting in the TBR collection on my Kindle.

    I’m in the UK and my email is angmardee (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  16. Boy, I’d sure like to win this book. It’s getting to be quilting season–I know, it’s never out of season–and I may be able to get something completed this year with P&P audiobooks to keep me company. I go into serious withdrawal without spending some time with Elizabeth and Darcy each day.

    I read the book when it was first released and remember well that I enjoyed it. . .not surprising, Kara, since your books are automatically purchased without need to check the sample. Thank you for the pleasure I’ve received from your creations.

  17. I have to say that I never thought of trying audiobooks before, but since you mentioned your Pirates & Prejudice coming out on audio, one of my favorites of yours, I had to look into it. I got a free month to try it and got your book on audible and a couple of others which were free right now. And I have to tell you how much fun it is to hear the pirates speaking in their slang, especially to hear Darcy trying to remember to speak like them and his frequent slips back into his perfect English. I absolutely love the narrator, very talented.

    Thank you so much for awakening me to Audible!!

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