Persuasion 200: Captain Wentworth Visits Shropshire — 15 Comments

  1. I agree that I love this insight into Frederick! I could picture him sitting there so distressed and was glad he had such a realationship with his brother. Bodes very well for a long happy future for Anne with this man.

  2. C. Allyn, you have written a short, but delightful, chapter. Some people rave on about how great a story “Pride and Prejudice” is (and it is), but for me “Persuasion” will always be the best of Jane Austen. I am loving these posts to “Persuasion 200”. I love what you did with Frederick’s visit with his brother. I am sure his thinking about Anne was very much in line with what you wrote here. Good work! Will you write another chapter before this is done???

    • Thanks Linda! I will certainly be writing more of these…I’m glad you enjoyed it…I had it more than half finished two days ago and then decided that it would be better from his brother’s point of view, so completely rewrote the night before posting! Glad it worked!

  3. I absolutely loved this…being inside Frederick’s mind. He is justifiably suffering and it serves him right, especially since he said, he “was using their daughter to punish Miss Anne for breaking our engagement”. He finally realizes he’s been s fool. I liked the relationship between the brothers. It seems to be a warm one and I do like how Frederick turned to family. He may later do thst , also, with his wife. Thank you for the insight into Frederick’s thoughts and feelings.

    • Thanks Deborah! I have always wondered about Frederick’s brother and how much he knew about Frederick’s disappointment. I have assumed that he knew about the engagement, but their sister’s actions suggest that she did not. I think there are a lot of interesting potential stories about the “other Wentworth!”

  4. Well finally stoic Captain Wentworth has confessed his feelings!! Well done! Now maybe he and Anne will be happy together.
    Great chapter, just long enough to leave us lusting for more.

  5. If the original had been anything like the chapters posted here, I would have liked it much more. This was just excellent. I appreciate how skillfully and thoughtfully you expose the characters and their motivations and feelings. I find myself really liking this story more with each post.

  6. Really nice chapter, thank you! I really feel that we’ve all missed out on a sensible, loving caring family in Persuasion by not being privy to all of the interactions between Frederick and his siblings. It’s such a contrast with the Elliot family, and it’s comforting to know that eventually Anne will get a real, loving family in the bargain.

    As for this chapter, I agree with the sentiments others have expressed that FINALLY Frederick admits to his poor behavior. He deserves a little suffering at this point!

  7. I loved this chapter where Wentworth poured his heart out to his brother. Now we know how intense he feels about this unfortunate episode and how he truly felt all is lost. I would really like to know Edward’s advice in this matter.

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