Persuasion 200: The Courtship of Capt Benwick and Louisa Musgrove — 14 Comments

  1. I am confused or incompetent. I voted for the layered one. Then I click on here and was taken to Jan 1 were I could sign up to win something in the first week of the month. I hope I can be counted as having voted and entered in the drawing but don[‘t worry if not possible. Prizes aren’t the reason I read.


    • It’s a little confusing. Sorry. The voting for the soap is separate from entering for the drawing. I’m sure your vote was counted. Entering the drawing is separate and has to be done on one of the days that has the Rafflecopter. I’ve updated the link for “here” so it should take you to a day with a Rafflecopter and you need to enter there. I’ll see if I can check to make sure your name is in the drawing. If not, I’ll try to add it and will get back to you.

  2. I agree, Captain Benwick is most delightful and I begin to have a liking for Louisa. Great addition to P200

    I vote for a rose shape for Anne, something floral in scent.

  3. In the original book I could never understand how these two characters ever got together. They just didn’t seem to have anything in common and previously had not really interacted that much. This makes it more understandable and likely that it could have happened as you describe it. While picking up chicks in the sickroom isn’t recommended, it certainly worked for Captain Benwick! I must admit that I like your Captain better than the original. I always thought him dreary and depressed, but you have brought him to life and made him caring and likable. Mary Elliot Musgrove is a real piece of work as always. If the attention isn’t on her, she has a fit. She wants the credit for taking care of Louisa, but doesn’t actually want to be bothered to do anything but complain. I am only surprised that she didn’t evade her responsibilities by fancying that Louisa’s concussion was contagious! How anyone could stand her is beyond me. That Anne is sensible, caring, and engaging is nothing short of miraculous, when one considers her odious and foolish family members.

  4. What a sweet read. I think anyone would fall for Captain Benwick in these circumstances. I love being read to when I don’ feel well, although I must opt for audio books. It is good that Wentworth disappeared from the scene, opening the way for Benwick. I adored this missing scene. Thank you C. Allen. What a woonderful read for this morning.

  5. I have wondered how the Benwick and Louisa courtship started. It must have taken great courage for Benwick to suggest staying and reading. The head injury must have had a positive effect on Louisa…it has been documented. A very “soft” and gentle chapter.

  6. I wish to add my thanks and compliments for this sweet scene which fills in so wonderfully what has never been really explained! LOVELY!! You do make both Capt. Benwick and Louisa more appealing and their feelings for each other more believable! Thank you!

  7. This is a lovely little scene that gives us a plausible reason for two such different people to form an attachment to each other. I imagine Benwick is still grieving for the young woman he was engaged to, but I think it’s natural that he’d feel a little protective of Louisa in her condition. Very nice!

  8. A sweet peek at the romance of Benwick and Louisa…never really paid them much attention in the original, more focused on Anne and Frederick….but this puts their romance into perspective….lovely chapter…Thanks

  9. I, too, agree that the book did not give us any information about how these two very different souls actually got together. So this episode makes it all plausible. Mary is such an obnoxious soul and has no compassion for anyone around her. And, she, like Lydia Bennet, would only hear what she wanted to hear. I do think, as others have said, that Benwick is transferring thoughts of his sick and dying fiancée to Louisa. He wasn’t there for his love but he is there for Louisa and it alleviates some of the guilt he must have. Thank you for this scene.

  10. What a charming chapter! Captain Benwick was very observant and understanding of what the Harville’s went through. His kind soul opened up to them and especially Louisa. Yes, I agree with Sheila that some of his guilt over not being there for Fanny has been alleviated.

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