Persuasion 200: Shall We to Lyme? — 13 Comments

  1. I’m sure Captain Wentworth was surprised those words came out too!! Mary is such a jealous and self-centered creature. You portrayed her well and Charles would like the presence of Anne and her practicality to help soothe everyone! Ah Louisa’s immaturity and thoughtlessness…little does she know.

  2. Beautifully written. Louisa’s immaturity and thoughtlessness is shown in her comments and decisions. And self-centered Mary, discounting Anne as though she were a nonentity. And a comment from Wentworth asking for Anne to come along. And a good thing too, as we discover in 2 days! Thank you for such a touching end to a true to character scene.

  3. What a nicely written scene! Did Charles invite Anne out of kindness for Anne, or does he realize that she is needed to temper/manage/make less odious her obnoxious sister (the one he married)? Charles’ invitation was both thoughtful and a little surprising to me, that he outright was defending her. And Wentworth finally cracked!

    • I think Charles sees both Mary and Louisa will be a handful and it is so easy to rely on Anne. I think there might be a little panic inspired at the thought of her not being around. It is easy to get used to someone who makes things easier for you.

      I was tickled to see Wentwooth finally cracking, even if just a little bit.:)

  4. You set Louisa up perfectly for her accident at Lyme. Her own self indulgence and her desire to be the center of everyone’s attention make what is to come inevitable. She and Mary both could get sister of the year awards. Why Charles doesn’t tell Mary to straighten up I don’t know. Obviously he recognizes when she puts Anne down and usually steps up at the time, but Mary is like a child that needs to be disciplined so she is acceptable in polite company. Great scene.

    • Unfortunately it is easier to ignore and stick your head in the sand when people are difficult. And it seems that both Mr. Musgroves are rather good at that.

  5. “No it is not. You need the guidance and protection of someone elder and more sensible than yourself. Miss Anne,” – OUCH! Elder, indeed? She is not yet thirty. She is definitely more sensible but to use that term. Could she not just have said more mature or even just older that these two silly girls?

    This excerpt does set up the scene in which Mary refuses to allow Anne to be the one to stay in Lyme and nurse IMPULSIVE/Impetuous Louisa after her fall.

    Captain Wentworth does know of Anne’s worth and induced her to come so much more nicely, saying she should take in the sea.

    We know how he feels and I am sure he would have found a way to include her if this had not worked out.

  6. An interesting episode, Maria, though a spotted a few mistakes here and there. Thanks for foreshadowing event of how things in Lyme will go. Mary again commanding precedence over Anne and everyone turns to Anne.

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