Persuasion 200: Louisa Returns to Uppercross with the Harvilles — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for this missing scene C. Allan Pierson. I like how Benwick supports Louisa through her insecurities before she leaves, My guess of him not joining her is because he could not bear being old ‘No’ by Mr. Musgrove. I think I sense a bit of insecurity in his statement: “Surely they will not deny our love? Or maybe he just finds it easier to organize his thoughts by writing them down so he has everything in order and doesn’t forget to say something. It was so sweet seeing Louisa’s relationship with her father and her thoughts. She seems a little insecure and less self-assured since the accident. A wonderful way to wake up this morning.

  2. How sweet this entire scene is. Louisa and Benwick seem so supportive and gentle with each other. The interaction of Louisa and her father was touching. How is Henrietta going to react?

  3. Oh, isn’t it fun to see what happened in just the few lines in which Anne simply learns that Louisa is engaged to Benwick and Wentworth is “free”. The joy it brought to Anne can hardly be more than it also brought to Benwick and Louisa!

  4. It’s great to get this insight into how Louisa’s relationsip with Benwick came about, Carey! It’s something crucial to the story but we never get the details in Persuasion, so this is perfect.

    It makes sense, too, for Benwick to write his proposal down rather than say it — since he’s so much into poetry and books it must be easier for him. Very nice touch!

  5. Thank you for this sweet chapter. Louisa seems a lot less flighty here than she has been earlier, and I find her more likable as she’s gained a suitor that seems to have brought out the best in her. I also liked your showing how the Musgrove family was genuinely happy for their daughter.

  6. A kinder gentler Louisa…beautifully written chapter. I think they have both brought out the best in each other. Thank you.

  7. As Carole says…a kinder gentler Louisa. Both Louisa and Benwick now have had sobering events in their lives. Hopefully they will treasure each other and their time together, having learned how happiness and health can be snatched from one in an instance.

    This was a lovely chapter and even made me teary-eyed…I do cry easily. I was hoping her father was in better condition than the actor in the movie in that he picked Louisa up and carried her to her bedroom. But very satisfying the read how both parents supported her…so different from Anne’s family!

    Thank you for this…even though I am behind in reading many e-mails from blogs.

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