Persuasion 200: Anne Visits Lady Russell — 10 Comments

  1. Loved the evocative feeling of the tea at the beginning, and Lady Russell’s persistent arrogant dismissal of the crofts. The conversation between the two brings out the two characters and their different perspectives brilliantly!
    Thank you for a lovely episode, Maria.

    • Thanks, Monica. I think some of Lady Russell’s dismissal of the Crofts also come from defensiveness of Anne’s feelings as well. This scene was a bit of a challenge to get a handle one.

  2. Beautiful chapter. Yes, Anne has bloomed, from being in company with people who care about her. Lady Russel is, in some ways, as bad as the Elliotts; always looking down at those who are not of the same class and she will be interfering, again, in Anne’s life. Her planning drives me crazy! Loved your descriptive language. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I enjoyed this chapter very much as well, and agree with Monica and Deborah’s comments. I also loved the tea introduction and setting for a cozy chat. It was very satisfying to see inside Lady Russell’s head a bit, and hear Anne defend the character of both the Musgroves and the Crofts! Your writing is brilliant!

  4. Our dear Anne is so much more accepting of company than even her good friend, Lady Russell. So thankful to read that she judges them only on their merits, not on their social standing. But on the other hand…we see Lady Russell coddling Anne by remembering to get in her favorite tea and planning to see what she can do to get Sir Eliot to introduce Anne to eligible gentlemen. And we do know that Sir Walter Eliot, too, noticed Anne’s improved looks when she arrives in Bath. Although he assumes she is using a lotion.

    The descriptions of the Musgroves was interesting. But those dear people, a bit vulgar or not, do see a value in Anne and repine that it should have been Anne that Charles had married.

    Thank you for these lovely insights into various views of the worth of actors in this story.

  5. I was also struck by how elitist Lady Russell’s views were — at least the Musgroves are kind to Anne, and it’s not as though the boisterousness of the young ladies would actually corrupt Anne. Lady Russell is so kind and well-meaning for Anne, but unable to relinquish her views of what’s right for Anne. I imagine that as being very parental, somehow!

  6. As always, Lady Russell has the “correct” opinion of everyone. She is, in her own way, as bad as all the other Elliots. Worth is what Lady Russell determines. Even though being with Frederick and dealing with Mary, Anne was able to “bloom” because she was around a group of people who really cared about her and her opinions. What a lovely chapter.

  7. Enjoyed this insight into Lady Russell’s thought process and in the making of tea. I truly think she is blinded by her concern for Anne that she doesn’t ‘see’ Anne’s true feelings. Lady Russell has put herself in Anne’s place and it’s how she would feel and think. Thank you!

  8. I like that Anne can be very open with her godmother as opposed to her own family. Lady Russell understands and appreciate Anne better besides her own dear friend. But I dislike the idea of her meddling into Anne’s marital prospects because you can only plan and scheme so much but it is clearly Anne’s decision on whom she choose as her husband.

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