Persuasion 200: Anne Requires Peace and Quiet — 11 Comments

  1. It is so fun to read your speculations about what went on between the scenes of Persuasion. How Anne and Frederick are wanting to see each other and the schemes they are hatching to do it. Excitement is building as this story is approaching the end.

  2. I loved this as well. The characters are acting and thinking just like real people, and just like real people, they add one and one and come up with five, before arriving at a more sensible solution. I like this Anne because she seems more real than Anne in the book. Being privy to her inner thoughts gives us a better understanding of her, and we can all relate to what she is going through. In canon Captain Wentworth sometimes came off as brusque and a bit cruel, but behind the scenes, we are again able to empathize with him as well because we know his mind and heart. These two may never, okay, definitely will never replace Lizzy and Darcy in my affections, but they have gained a foothold in my heart, and have really come alive for me. This was another great chapter. Am I the only one wishing they were all longer?!

  3. What a beautiful missing scene. Anne is as overcome as Frederick was to find out he is no longer attached to Louisa. Anne, being Anne is worried about Frederick’s friendship with Benwick still being intact.

    Now poor Anne is giving herself a megrim worrying about how to meet him. She hasn’t thought of Lady Russell, but, since she talked Anne out of marrying Frederick those many years ago, I do believe she would dismiss that lady out of hand as a possible companion. After all she wants Anne to marry the younger Mr. Elliott. Thank you for a lovely chapter with a tortured Anne.

    Will she convince her father to give that card party? There are still some choppy waters ahead for this couple.

  4. I enjoyed this chapter, though I almost got the “megrim” myself, thinking of it all! Anne has been suffering “behind the scenes” for so long – as I always knew she was, but this really helps to bring it to life! I have always seemed to know exactly how Anne felt throughout this story – it’s always been Frederick who is a mystery to me. I love these scenes as they bring everything much closer..

  5. Yes, Julie, Persuasion is definitely Anne’s book, isn’t it? Frederick is much more of a mystery than Mr. Darcy is…we at least get a few comments in P&P about how Darcy is growing interested in Elizabeth, but we don’t know until “the letter” how Frederick feels!

  6. I think through P200 you have slowly grown Anne’s assertiveness as she’s realizing she’s spent enough time letting her happiness fade away form her. She really seems to be actively plotting for a change, and taking control of her life! Thank you!

  7. Yes, do show your feelings, Anne. But I am glad you didn’t take it out on your maid. But scream, shout, sigh, cry – he is free and he is close at hand. Surely, you will see him soon.

    Loved this look at Anne showing her anxiety and, also, relief.

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