Persuasion 200: Anne Reflects on the Crofts Arrival at Kellynch — 18 Comments

  1. Poor Anne! Sounds like she just needs to be alone with her thoughts, yet she has to be peacemaker and diplomat again – always putting herself second. Of course the Musgroves would have preferred Anne to Mary. Hmm, I wonder if Charles’ parents tried to talk him out of proposing to Mary….

    Thank you for the dinner party!

    • I think you’re right, she can’t get any time to herself as she’s so busy waiting on and taking care of everyone else. That is an interesting question about the Musgroves and their reaction to his proposal o Mary. Hadn’t thought about that before. Thanks, June!

  2. Beautiful, Grace. Anne, always in the middle and Mary. Oh, brother,,,,putting her traits on Anne…saying Anne sulks, when all she does is sulk. She is so much of an Elliott….her sense of superiority. She doesn’t think Anne might have feelings of her own. It was so nice of Mrs. Musgrove to come to her defense, but Mary will be sure to make her life unpleasant for the next few days. (In some ways Anne reminds me of Cinderella.) And her thoughts of Frederick….so even though she likes the Crofts, it is emotionally painful to be in their company, with not a soul she can talk to about it. Anne keeps everything bottled inside, she has no choice. Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing.

  3. Yes, we have Cinderella in so many stories. We just don’t look for that story. How my heart goes out to Anne…she can’t even have a moment for her melancholy thoughts without both Mrs. Musgrove and Mary making comments. Of course, Mary is projecting her own ill humor onto Anne, who is NOT sulking. That is Mary’s own private trait. She does pout and sulk constantly, looking for attention. The most outrageous is coming up when she states that Anne is the most appropriate to stay with her nephew, Charles, as “she doesn’t have a mother’s feelings!” I think Anne has more mother’s feelings than Mary ever projected in the story. Thank you for this look into our Anne’s thoughts of how Kellynch will now bring back all those deepest feelings about Frederick.

    • You’re right about Mary. I find many people do that and even more outrageous, Anne will probably at some point wonder whether or not she really is being sulky!

      I agree with you about the scene with her nephew. That only always made me angry and ready to throttle Mary! Thanks, Sheila

  4. Anne’s melancholy really seeps through here! So sad but really well told, thank you! I guess Mary has never figured out that if she were a little more agreeable and less whiny, her husband’s family might not always be reminded that they had preferred Anne!

    • Persuasion really is such a sad story up until near the end, isn’t it? I always glossed over that until looking at it through this lens.

  5. “Could one’s very soul ache? Surely it could, for the emptiness that welled within her wrenched at the core of her being. How could she endure keeping company with the Crofts, no matter how lovely and agreeable their society? Not that she would have much choice. Choice was not her lot in life. Hers was to endure. And somehow she would.

    Maria this perfectly conveys Anne….thank you.

    • Thank, Carole. These bits have really made me appreciate the depth of Anne’s character for managing through without become bitter and horrible.

  6. I love the fact that Mrs Croft’s eyes are so like her brother’s-poor Anne, having to listen to this conversation and be reminded of him at every turn. Loved the fact that Henry got a bit more story too! Beautifully written, as always, Maria.

  7. This is a lovely instalment to the on-going P200 project, Maria. You have really captured how Anne felt. I’m looking forward to dinner with the Crofts in Uppercross and seeing it all through her eyes.

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