Not Romantic: Netherfield Ball — 8 Comments

  1. Ah, the crazy quilts made of misplaced desires! When this type of thing happens these days, it becomes a soap opera. The only thing missing are commercials between each poignant scene. Thank you, Maria, for an absorbing tale!

  2. Poor Charlotte!! At least her mother acknowledged her efforts.

    I had never looked on that dreadful evening through Charlotte’s eyes; her wise and kind ways of seeing what people need to make a success of themselves (or how they fail to do so) was quite intriguing, especially seeing the ways in which Elizabeth failed to act in a way that would have lessened the evils of her family that night.

    Charlotte is a wise woman, but we can’t help but to pity her, knowing her destiny of being yoked to Mr. Collins for life. Ugh–the mere thought runs a chill down my spine.

    Thank you for this gem, Maria! I so wish that I could share that gem of a student letter from Mr. Collins to Charlotte at this point!! 😀

    I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful in every way!

    Susanne 🙂

  3. I so enjoyed this novella Maria. Charlotte may be pragmatic and not romantic but she certainly understands people very well. As for your description of Collins, I had to laugh! ” But Mr. Collins exhibited a tenacity rarely seen outside a bulldog’s kennel.”

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