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  1. Delightful!!!! Am reading this with a big smile on my face!! I loved it!!!

    To think that the reserved Mr Darcy was almost as nervous as Lizzy,coupled with the fact that neither had shared an innocent yet intimate moment with each other was certainly food for thought!!!

    And to think of their shared kisses in the little hollow…..kisses that left them strangely silent for the remainder of the night….be still my beating heart!!

    Congrats Nicole,on this,your first dance!! I trust it will your first of many delightful and humorous posts!!

    • It is a possibility we do not often consider. Mr “I love you so much I’m going to ruin my family name to have you” might just be as anxious to please as to be pleased. Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

  2. Delightful. Poor Lizzy. With her mother’s advice I’m surprised Lizzy hadn’t read one of her father’s hidden books and known better than what her mother was saying. Mrs Bennet would shock the stripes off a zebra. Jane was funny. I thought Lizzy would be the instigator of little liberties.

  3. Thank you Nicole. That was funny but also lovely and romantic. Thank goodness Mrs Gardiner was there to set their minds to rest. I love the way she reminded Elizabeth that Darcy had done so much to win her hand and yet was terrified of offending her. After their walk I imagine they were both looking forward to their wedding night 😍

  4. Welcome Nicole. As a first dance, that was wonderful! Like most people, I’d just about always imagined that Jane woukd be the shyer, less forward of the two sisters. How interesting to turn it all around and have Elizabeth be the more cautious. Mind you, I guess their mother’s little “speech” could be enough to put anyone off! Mrs. Gardiner, thankfully, has put them both on the right path, reminding Elizabeth that “still waters run deep” and the way she put her advice to work was just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this with us lucky readers.

    By the way, I’m so enjoying listening to Northern Rain on my commutes at the moment. I just don’t want to get out of my car when I get to work or even, sometimes, when I get home at night!

    • Perhaps Jane would be shy, and perhaps she would not (at least with HIM). She almost lost her dear Mr Bingley by not showing her regard. As he is such an easy-going sort and Jane is a bit of a pleaser, I can see that happening.

      Lizzy, on the other hand, almost lost her love by the uproarious behavior of her family, not to mention her own “attitude modulator failure.” Perhaps now she is truly walking gently, trying to learn how best to please him. Is it impossible that she might overcorrect her impulsiveness and allow his reticence to lead her at first? Who is to say?

      Thank you for your lovely comments about Northern Rain! I cannot be held responsible if you are late to work, though. 😉

  5. Oh, that was lovely!! Poor Elizabeth! I was glad Mrs Gardiner was there to help. Elizabeth will have a pleasant surprise on her wedding night!! 😀

  6. Thank you! The writing was wonderful and full of emotion. I loved the girls initial reaction as I always imagined I would feel the same way if someone surprised me with that info just before my wedding!

    • Well, apparently Lydia figured it out without her help. Kitty probably would survive, especially if she went to live with either one of the aforementioned couples (to be thrown in the way of other rich men). As for Mary, she will hit him over the head with Fordyce’s Sermons when he tries to come into her room.

  7. LOL, that was a great little story, Nicole. 🙂 I like Jane being a bolder one, and ODC dancing around each other. You put a smile on my face. 😉

  8. Absolutely delightful! I am old enough to have come from a time when mothers did not much speak of what would happen on my wedding night. I am sure, however, that no information would have been preferable to anything Mrs. Bennet would have said. Thank goodness the girls have Mrs. Gardiner!

    • You are so kind, Joan! <3

      This one isn't going into anything of mine anytime soon, but in my current WIP, it is Lydia who offers some words of worldly wisdom to Elizabeth. I tried to shut her up, but it didn't work.

  9. Clearly, Mrs. Bennet showed no enthusiasm for what had become an odious chore for her, made worse by her husband’s lack of support and sarcasm for so many years. Naturally enough, her daughters had no ability to discern a different truth! Thank Heavens for Mrs. Gardiner! Every girl should have a Mrs. Gardiner … I know I would have enjoyed her!

    • You are so right, Katherine, every girl does need a Mrs Gardiner! I was blessed with an amazing mother, but I have had a few Mrs Gardiners along the way as well, and I would not be the same person without them.

  10. I loved this scene, Nicole!! I just about fell out of my chair, laughing at the nausea and near-fainting that Jane and Lizzy experienced after their mother’s information regarding the “proceedings” for their wedding nights! Aunt Gardiner to the rescue!!

    And then to discover that Jane and Bingley had been rather naughty…Elizabeth’s shock was so amusing!!

    Thank goodness for that whispered suggestion to Elizabeth; I’m sure that both Elizabeth and her “reserved” fiancé kept each other quite warm on this rather chilly day. 😉

    And welcome to your “first dance” here, Nicole, which was definitely a success! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your writing with us; it’s absolutely delightful (but that’s no surprise! ).

    All the best to you!

    Susanne 🙂

  11. So glad you are here, and you perform so well to strangers! Thank you for this ‘peek’ into what they may expect. I daresay Mrs. Bennet has her nerves because of it! LOL! I am so glad the girls have Mrs. Gardiner…fortunately neither asked her for further details and she was able to calm them quite nicely! Delightful!

  12. This was a great story! It was a shock to find out about Jane and Bingley’s actions when compared to Elizabeth and Darcy. I have always thought it would be the other way around. Of course, their mother scarred and scared them. Thank goodness for Aunt Gardiner.

    Welcome to Austen Variations. Have you considered extending this into a longer story?

  13. This was such a fun and romantic vignette, utterly delightful! Poor, poor girls! Mrs. Bennet did them such a disservice. I’m so thankful they had an Aunt Gardiner to set things aright. Like many of the others, I laughed at Lizzy’s shock over Jane and Bingley’s behavior. I was happy to see they were not so reserved as one often thinks or reads. I was surprised at Lizzy’s and Darcy’s reticence but I understand your earlier points on both. Oh what a lovely surprise they will share, especially after their afternoon of closeness, thanks to the ‘whisper’!

    I am happy to see you in company with so many good authors and congratulations on a successful ‘first dance’. It was lovely!

  14. I thought I had commented on this post but do not find it so here goes again! Poor, poor girls, to have Mrs. Bennet tell them of their wedding night! I loved that the girls had Mrs. Gardiner to set things aright for them. It was too funny that Jane and Bingley were more adventurous than Lizzy and Darcy! I haven’t seen it portrayed in that way too often, and I like it. I can see, under the circumstances of Darcy’s and Lizzy’s past, how it could be the way you described it, Nicole. Well done! Lovely vignette and a great first dance!

  15. That was lovely…with a nice twist in that Elizabeth and Darcy have held their passions in check. And, yes, I do think that they will be the more passionate of the two couples. Thank goodness for Aunt Gardiner. (I am catching up on unread e-mailed blogs today.) Books keep me so enthralled I skip checking and reading mail often.) Thanks for the entertaining read.

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