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  1. Oh *sigh* what a wonderful little snippet!! Now I’m dying to know if Eva and Eric do end up together?!
    I do love balls, the dancing, the anticipation and the idea of seeing that special man you want to dance with enter the ball room!
    My favourite ball scene has to be the Pride and Prejudice 2005 ball scene between Darcy and Elizabeth where they see only each other, it’s so powerful, intense and intimate and of course the ball scene from Becoming Jane, I almost always start smiling like a Cheshire Cat when Tom suddenly appears and starts to dance with Jane! It’s such a good scene! *sigh* to be fond of dancing was a certain first step towards falling in love!

  2. Your memory is correct I think, Melanie. I can’t remember Anne and CFW dancing together in Persuasion, either.

    When P&P 1995 came out, our son was only three and every time there was a dancing scene, he insisted that we all had to get up and dance in a circle holding hands. Happy memories, and for that reason, the Meryton Assembly and Netherfield Ball from 1995 simply HAVE to be my favourites.

  3. Oh the tension between Elizabeth and Darcy in the 1995 Netherfield ball! But then I think of the dance scenes in ‘Bride & Prejudice’ and what fun they were! Loved ‘Sway’!

  4. I also enjoy a good dance scene and love both 1995 & 2005 Netherfield Balls as well as Becoming Jane. I read P&P many many years ago as a teenager and have since read the rest but P&P is by far my favourite. I loved the 1995 series and can’t count the number of times I have watched both that and the film. I also like Persuasion and enjoyed your excerpt from Sway. I usually only read Darcy and Elizabeth books but I do have this on my wish list as I have read many excellent reviews.

  5. I adore Persuasion, and I also love the dancing scene between Fanny and Edmund in Mansfield Park. It’s Fanny’s “coming out” ball, and Edmund comes to dance with her, angry at Mary Crawford’s meanness of spirit. He finds his rest and repose with Fanny; they can enjoy “the luxury of silence” together as he can with no other.

    Although this is reading between the lines, I think Edmund finally sees Fanny as more than just his cousin; she’s a beautiful young woman, more authentic and true-of-heart than Mary Crawford could ever hope to be. And we see glimpses of his change toward Fanny when he gives her the chain for William’s cross pendant for her to wear to the ball.

    Thank you for a lovely post, and I will have to look into Sway.

    Susanne 🙂

  6. The ’95 version of the Nethetfield Ball,I think is so well done. The tense atmosphere between Darcy and Elizabeth is so profound,I almost feel that they will instantly combust if it doesn’t end soon.
    She is the only lady he is not acquainted with,that he chose as his dance partner,yet all she can see is his wish to deride her,disdain and find fault with her.
    Be still my aching heart!

  7. 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle finally dancing. The only Darcy and Elizabeth out there. As I reread Pride and Prejudice, or any of the variations, those two are the only two that appear. There are other dance scenes in other Austen films, but the 1995 version is the only one that I have not only multiple copies of on, but multiple formats: VHS, DVD, and BluRay. Actually, wore out a VHS tape! 😍

    • Lol, I think my mom wore her VHS tape out too! I bought my first copy on DVD so didn’t have that problem, although mine is getting on in years now!
      I prefer the ’95 version as well, although I liked how they did the dance in the ’05 with the rest of the dancers disappearing. It was a nice touch.

  8. The scenes mentioned here are all good in my book as is the first dance in Bride And Prejudice. But from a modern JAFF you must watch this tango below sent to me by Cat Gardiner for her book, Denial of Conscience. Elizabeth and Darcy first “meet” when she goes to a dance studio to learn a dance for the wedding…they dance a tango together in silence. Dances can bring so much sexual tension, unfulfilled, to the story…as bodies touch and hands wander and eyes meet and hold. I also like the movie in which Edmund and Fanny dance (1999) and I agree that in the movie we feel the relationship from his side change – yes, Fanny looks beautiful and she is more than a cousin. Assassin’s Tango

  9. Sheila,
    The tango you linked above made me think of the tango in the movie “Easy Virtue” with Colin Firth. If you haven’t seen the dance, you should try to take a look at it. There are posts of it on YouTube of just the tango from the movie. It really is something, and we can try to imagine him as Darcy and the woman as Elizabeth–perhaps. Colin is really something, boy can he dance!!

    Thank you!

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