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  1. Ooo, what a tempting, tantalising glimpse of Volume 2, Monica.

    Volume 1 was such an enjoyable read and if this snippet is anything to go by, Volume 2 looks to be even better. I hope there’s humour again in this one as that’s one of the many aspects I enjoyed about the first. Any more wet shirts?

    Good luck with the launch. Standing by with the virtual confetti, champagne, fireworks and possibly even chocolate!

    • Thank you, Anji!! I love your ideas for celebrating 🙂

      There is one very brief wet shirt scene, yes. Can’t reveal any details, though 😉 I think there are quite a few funny moments but more serious moments,too.

  2. Monica, I really enjoyed Volume 1 and am sooooo looking forward to this. November 25th is a perfect day. My grandchildren will leave on the 29th so a glass of wine and your book will help with the withdrawal and my husband will be glad to have something to keep me occupied. As always, look forward to your next book. Thanks for the excerpt

  3. Monica!! Loved the first and after this “taste” of the next , I will love it as well. !!
    So much fun to see into Darcy’s heart.

    Like Maggie, this will be my reward after a hectic family thanksgiving !

    GreAt job! Can’t wait to see the cover ! Thank you for this chapter !!

  4. Oh, but you didn’t tell us if she had picked up any of the remnants of his list….so this is sure to be one I have to get to a.s.a.p. Dark chocolate for me, and I love fireworks…thanks for the idea, Anji. Will also have to re-read the first volume so it is fresh in my mind. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck with the release.

  5. Oh, no! You had to leave us on a cliffhanger! I loved the memory about Darcy and Wickham – it tells so much about their relationship and how it has scarred Darcy. And I could practically smell the lavender field!

    • Well, Abigail, I do love cliffhangers! Yes — I do think Darcy was hurt by Wickham — they grew up together.

      You guessed it — I absolutely love lavendar fields. We have a field close to where I live and it’s such a joy to go and walk there.

  6. Monica,
    What a compelling way to reel us in! I loved seeing Darcy tread along the muddy path that Elizabeth had once walked…thinking about her, and I can’t wait to read the conversation that will soon take place between them. Looking forward to the 25th!!

  7. When I saw the title of this post, I knew my comment was going to be (jokingly) “Yay, he really is coming back!?” but who knew that he’d be coming back after just a few minutes! haha I think Lizzy would find the list amusing if she saw it. I hope so, anyway. I think it’s adorable when Darcy daydreams and I liked the memory of him and Brat Wickham as kids.

    Looking forward to reading this one, and thank you for the excerpt!

    • I’m not very good at waiting for follow-ups, either, whether it’s a series or a book. I’m happy to oblige, Lisa. It’s taken longer than I planned but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

  8. So many visuals flashed before me reading this excerpt. Darcy leaning forward for his reward kiss for slaying the evil knight, Darcy putting on the armour and not being able to get out, Darcy jumping off the turnstile into the mud and then to see the lavender fields…I love lavender. Knowing how much I loved the first book and the cover for it, I can’t wait for this one! I’m picturing Darcy in a lavender field with Netherfield in the background. Then again, it could be Elizabeth…

    Can’t wait for the celebration!

  9. What a time I have had this week having discovered Austenvariations. That it coincided with my husband being away is a bonus as I have all these hours to wile away exploring the site! Love, love, love the book and looking forward to reading more.

  10. Oh, Darcy! Why would you toss the bits of your list so close to Longbourn? I can’t wait to find out whether or not Elizabeth reads any of it. Looking forward to the 1st chapter! Thanks for posting!

  11. Brilliant excerpt! I had forgotten how funny Darcy was in part one but reading this brought it all back to me. I thought it was a bad idea to be dropping the list as he was doing it, funny that he saw it too. I even dislike Wickham as a child, what a weasel! Looking forward to this book 🙂

    • I’m really happy it brought back the laughter, Ceri. Clever of you to anticipate that Darcy would panic about the list. As for Wickham, I don’t think he was ever a *nice* boy, though he was generally able to charm people into thinking he was nice. A few people saw through him, like Mrs. Reynolds.

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  13. Oh no, it was stupid and foolish of Darcy to tore up and threw the list away near Longbourn. I hope the object of his love does not jump to premature conclusion. But it makes for an exciting beginning of the book.

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