Mr. Darcy Apologizes to Bingley for Darcy’s Part in Separating His Friend from Miss Bennet by Regina Jeffers — 8 Comments

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  2. I have read this book so long ago that this seemd like a fresh piece. I will have to add this to my read list again. Thank you for sharing this excerpt. You can feel Darcy’s anguish about possibly losing Bingley’s friendship and over feeling Elizabeth doesn’t love him as well as the relief of not losing his friendship. You did nice job of putting us inside Darcy’s head.

  3. I agree with Deborah. All these excerpts are pushing me to reread the book in its entirety !
    Such a wonderful book!

  4. So Darcy did the same thing again in telling Bingley what to do — he confessed his interference, but he basically gave Bingley instructions again (go propose to Jane!). Although this time his instructions are correct, of course. I think you really captured well Darcy’s despondency at the end of this excerpt. Thank you!

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