Movies in May: Becoming a Fan of “Becoming Jane” — 12 Comments

  1. Really interesting article, thank you. I did enjoy the film despite the inaccuracies. My only concern was anyone coming the this with no knowledge and believing it was all true. I must say I prefer ‘Miss Austen Regrets’, but it still makes up part of my collection.

    • Exactly. I do really think there should have been some sort of disclaimer, especially for those who would not know better, that this was mostly fiction. I’d forgotten about Miss Austen Regrets. I’ll have to find that one again. I think I’ve got it as a special feature attached to something else. Thanks for mentioning it, Hazel.

      • You are welcome! I’ll watch anything that has an Austen label really but ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ is much closer to what we know of her life, or rather end of it.I have a particular interest in the Rector of Chawton, John Papillon, who is the subject of one of my Society talks and he actually makes an appearance in the film, in just the teasing manner I would have imagined. I must watch them both again but they are now packed as we await our house move!I will just have to be patient!

    • Yes – something I’ve enjoyed doing occasionally in my books too, Mary.
      JMcA is very good in Atonement also.

    • I first noticed James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus (the fawn) in “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” a couple of years before this movie came out. When I saw him in this movie, it was difficult for me to accept him as a leading man. Since seeing him in several things since, it has been easier for me to go back and watch this and see the attraction. I especially liked him in “Penelope,” which came out before “Becoming Jane,” but I didn’t see until sometime later.

  2. I also saw Becoming Jane in the theaters, and I was disappointed. I felt that the movie could have been so much more, but it came off as stilted, a little awkward, and not-quite-right to me. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I have been a fan of Hathaway since her Princess Diaries days, but I felt that her performance was slightly flat. I went in expecting to adore the movie and left a little disappointed.

    I would like to see it again now and see what I think after immersing myself so deeply into the world of Austen since then.

    • Maybe the reason I came away liking it better than I thought I would is because I went in with such LOW expectations! But I do know what you mean by it “could have been so much more.” A missed opportunity to be great I often feel. If only they would consult us first, Susanne, we could set them straight! Haha!

  3. I too saw the movie and enjoyed it for the story not for historical accuracy. I love Anne Hathaway but they should have used a British actress. I own the dvd as well. I am looking forward to seeing Kate Beckinsale in ‘Love and Friendship’!

    • That’s the way to look at it, Carole. Enjoy it for what it is. There are so few movies made to my taste that I can’t afford to throw one out on a technicality.

  4. I enjoyed this as a period piece, not a true biography. It is a lovely film, and included in my Austen film collection.

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