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  1. Thank you for sharing! I could not attend this year, but your observations brought back good memories of other AGMs. I did really miss the author table and collecting all my favorite Austen variation writers!

    • I hope you will go another year, Deb – as you know, the AGMS are huge fun! Always a little different, with a new location to explore, but the same joy of books, costumes, friends old and new, and talk of Jane Austen.

  2. I kind of met Syrie James in a reading she did at a JASNA Chicago chapter. Though we didn’t speak, she did readings from her book and I was astounded to learn how knowledgeable she is of JA. Her research and speculation is so fascinating. I’m sure you all had a delightful time.

    • Syrie is a force of nature, Jennifer – her research and focus as well as her writing and acting skills are amazing. I’ve had such rewarding, exciting times working with her, and I hope we’ll all meet up together another time!

  3. Thanks for your tales, Diana! Oh, I would love to meet Syrie; I’ve read nearly all of her books multiple times, and I am entranced by her art of storytelling!

    As a fifth generation San Diegan, I’ve traveled up north for only two reasons: Disneyland and museums! It’s been many years since our family visited the Huntington, and I’ve been raring to see the gardens and explore the library and art galleries once again. My daughter and I toured the Getty a couple of years ago, just in time for the Turner exhibit–he’s my favorite non-medieval artist. 😉

    Your play sounds amazing! I love Charlotte Brontë and her works; Jane Eyre is my favorite novel (yes, even over Austen’s), and I love Villette and The Professor, too. I’m not much of an Emily Brontë fan, but I have enjoyed Anne’s novels very much. (Although it’s time for a re-read, methinks.) Syrie James’ book on the Brontë family was one of my favorite works of hers; I have borrowed it twice from the library and am saving my pennies to purchase my own copy.

    Thank you for the lovely photos (especially of the costumes and books!) and your wonderful report on the AGM!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Susanne, I hope you don’t mind if I pass your kind comments on to Syrie! She is a multi-faceted talent, and I’m proud to have worked with her and to call her my friend. I’m sorry you didn’t make it up north to see us this time, but there’s always another AGM, or local JASNA-Southwest meeting, and they’re always fun. I loved imagining what would happen if Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte got together (in heaven!), and Syrie and I had a marvelous time portraying them. Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it all!

      • Yes, please do pass along my admiration of Syrie’s writings! She seems like a lovely person as well as an extremely talented one! 🙂

        I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a JASNA meeting somewhere in my corner of the States. 🙂

        Now if we could get Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Elizabeth Gaskell all together in heaven, *that* would be even more amazing!! 😀

        Thank you, Diana, for your kind reply!

        Susanne 🙂

        • Hello Susanne, How nice to know that you live in San Diego…not too far away from me in L.A. You simply must attend one of our future JASNA – SW meetings so that we can meet in person. I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve read nearly all of my books (multiple times–wow, what a compliment)! I’m especially happy to hear that you love my Bronte book, which is truly a work of my heart. xoxo

  4. Oh my Diana, I would have loved to have seen you and Syrie in action! What a novel idea for a play! Thank you for providing us with such eye candy as gowns and swag you secured! I’m planning to join JASNA next month and looked at where they are holding it in 2018/2109. I’m thinking 2019 in Virginia…who knows what will come up between now and then though! I really enjoyed the last photo…Claudine and Dung were in it and you got to meet them!!! Oh to one day meet all of you!

    Susanne, I totally agree about Syrie’s book on Charlotte Bronte. It too is one of my all time favourites!

    • Thanks, Carole, it was enormous fun doing the play, “being” Jane and Charlotte, and seeing how the audience reacted. Congratulations on joining JASNA. I’ll be going to the Virginia AGM, too, and hope to meet you there!

    • I’m thrilled, Carole, to hear that my book on Charlotte Bronte is one of your favorite. We authors work in such solitude and I rarely get feedback so, your comment made my day! (I’m a huge fan of All Things Canadian, by the way!)

    • Oh dear! Sorry you missed it. Perhaps you’ll come up for the JASNA-SW meeting in December? Their website is

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