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  1. I absolutely adore the cover, Abigail. Poor Darcy & poor Elizabeth. These deleted tidbits have only whetted my appetite for the completed work, as you, no doubt, knee they would. After all, we asked for more. A wonderful start to my morning, long night, since my wisdom tooth was removed. Thank you for sharing these sections. I hope you can use them elsewhere. They are gems, especially the stage coach with the snowflakes falling.

  2. Yes, the cover is lovely, Abigail. These snippets or outtakes are so tantalising! One quote I love is “Somehow he would have to forget Elizabeth Bennet. It would be almost as simple as forgetting how to breathe.”

    Looking forward to the eventual publication of the final edit. Will it be available as an audiobook, too?

  3. What a gorgeous cover-love those whites and greys-all misty and ethereal! I enjoyed the outtakes-lovely as always-are you sure you can’t fit them in?

  4. The cover is like a scene from a dream, and these outtakes are only making me want more. I can’t wait for the book. Will it be out soon? So many books, so little time! Thank you for another wonderful chapter. I agree with Jane: is there no way this can be included?

  5. The cover is just gorgeous and the deleted scenes equally so. I cannot believe these are the ones you are not using! Who cares how long the book?????

  6. I agree with the rest, the cover is beautiful! I’m so sad for D and E. But, as always, there must be bumps in the road to their HEA, most caused by themselves, the rest caused by others… :). I look forward to what did make it in the actual book, because this is really good.

  7. Yes. Dear Abigail, I like Elizabeth character, she always very sensible about what other people think about her with the man she love, some people cannot stand other the people find the true love, I also like the cover and the Elizabeth hair do with pearl and flower and her light green dress with red little flower pattern, I’m sure the story is very exciting and romanced, I am enjoying the reading, good luck.

  8. These appetizers are doing what is intended: making us want more!! My heart always aches for them while they overcome their roadblocks to happiness.

  9. Love the cover and looooooooooove the outtake, Abigail! I can’t wait to read the finished novel! Your variations have always been my favorites. 🙂

  10. If this is what’s on the cutting room floor, the book has to be amazing! Love the cover – just dreamy.

    I feel so bad for Darcy thinking he has been kicked to the curb. You are such a tease to give a glimpse of what may have transpired during their snow storm! Where are THOSE outtakes??? 😉

    Can’t wait for the book release! I have all your others.


  11. As all have said: If this is on the floor of the editing room, what is in the finished book? It was so very angst filled and I love angst. The cover is gorgeous, with its ethereal look in the mist – the colors draw one’s eyes! Again – so many misunderstanding and it seems that he did propose? So we don’t get to read more of this, but i am so looking forward to any book coming out! Thank you for sharing and send any other outtakes our way – they do tantalize!

  12. I cannot wait to read the final book!! I have become quite addicted to your books, and I’ve read the vast majority of them over the past three months. Simply brilliant work!! 🙂

    Thank you for posting these lovely outtakes; I am highly anticipating the finished product! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

  13. If this is a scene you have cut, I can hardly wait for the book. Seems like this scene might be important to the story. Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst still are evil. Sure hope Darcy and Elizabeth get together after whatever scandal happened to send Lizzy to London staying with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner.

    • Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst may well go in the next book, which explores more about Darcy’s cousin Lady Frederica. She was originally in this story as a major character, but I decided that plot line needed its own book.

  14. This was a nice out-take. Right now I’m wondering how it doesn’t fit with the plot that is to come. You, as the author, only know that. However, it does remind me of another Austenalia which I have recently read; so, I think it is a good idea to make some extensive changes. I am an author’s worst nightmare as I have almost an eidetic memory for what I read. Similarities in plots &c. can drive me up the wall. There are times when I just know there are great swaths of text just lifted from another book. It is especially hard in this genre. By the way, my co-major was English Lit. I had to learn to read fairly quickly (yet enjoyably) and be able to recall. This was particularly difficult in Chaucerian Middle English — and the Shakespearean history plays!

  15. It doesn’t fit with the plot to come because in order to maintain dramatic tension Elizabeth needs to believe Darcy made no attempt to see her during this period. Also, the Lady Frederica subplot has been moved to a different story because it distracted too much from the main plotline in this one.

    Readers of JAFF are bound to encounter similar scenes on a regular basis because we all use the same names and the same settings. I’m not the first to write Elizabeth being heartbroken at the Gardiners – in fact I’ve written it before myself in earlier books – but that doesn’t mean the scene is not original. It’s something of a joke how many JAFF books contain scenes similar to one in To Conquer Mr. Darcy which has Colonel Fitzwilliam worming the truth about Elizabeth out of Darcy after Rosings while Darcy reflects on what Elizabeth said at Hunsford, but that doesn’t mean they’re plagiarized from me, just that the authors are using a common trope with our common characters. I can assure you no text in this outtake has been lifted from another book apart from the occasional lines from Jane Austen. If plot similarities drive you up the wall, Austen-inspired fiction may become a frustrating experience for you because they’re essentially inevitable.

    • What you said, Abigail, is so true about JAFF – we must expect a sense of déjà vu if we are reading this genre to begin with. And that has never bothered me. I like quizzing myself when Jane’s own words are used, as to which scene, which circumstance that was taken from – makes me feel good that my mind hasn’t failed me yet when I am successful…LOL. And it is all just part of our favorite book and couple over and over again…can’t get too much of Elizabeth and Darcy in my mind. I even like/love it when you have taken the same beginning of your variation(s) and give that another ending! So keep up the wonderfully creative work.

      • Thanks, Sheila. Sometimes I think the deja vu is what people like about reading JAFF! But I’m sure reading about the same characters again and again would drive some readers crazy. I’m finding it a little tricky in this particular book to avoid things I’ve written before because I’m sticking quite close to P&P – it’s pretty much all P&P characters and takes place at P&P settings. The next book will be much farther afield and that’ll be easier. 🙂

        • That is the reason I love these stories. They are familiar characters and no matter the difficulties there is always an HEA, and we know what the HEA is. It’s the getting there that is the unknown. I was so happy to find this genre and wonderful frpip of authors a few years ago.

  16. I love the cover and cannot wait to read the book. What exactly is up with Lady Frederica? Hopefully Darcy’s just being a dutiful cousin and escorting her around & not really expected to marry her? *gulp* I hated to see Darcy turned away at the door but it was kind of funny, too, as I’m sure he is NOT accustomed to being turned away from anywhere. I’m glad it was Mrs G who sent him off and not Lizzy. I know that distinction doesn’t matter to them at the moment, but it made me feel better. lol

    • Not to worry, Darcy’s only escorting Lady Frederica at his aunt’s request because she’s just been jilted and has been cut by some young ladies because of it, but everyone assumes it’s a courtship — including Lady Catherine. The whole Fitzwilliam family is full of characters in that plot, which will be the next book. Can’t wait to write it.

      • Truly like this rejection scene – I can see Darcy growling overnight and coming back the next day to see Mr Gardiner and demanding five minutes where E can reject him to his face – go to page 87 if she rejects or page 102 if she waffles… ( I know! I know! Give it up Dave! )

        Please be sure to backup these e-outtakes – they could easily plop right into place in another story – ahh more déjà vu for us in the future! 🙂

  17. Such great scenes… I’m excited to read more of these treats and, of course, the rest of the book! The cover is gorgeous!

  18. Really enjoyable scenes to read, even though you’ve ruthlessly cut them from your final book! I was initially amused thinking of what you have used to replace the unpleasant visit from the Bingley sisters (which I think I don’t often see portrayed elsewhere). Were you crafting a MORE unpleasant scene with the Bingley sisters, in which they make even more irritating and rude remarks? But then I saw that you meant to remove the references to Lady Frederica (don’t like her already! she’s a rival to Elizabeth!).

    Interesting that Mr. Bennet, who has been portrayed as generally too unconcerned with his family to do much to avoid scandal, went so far as to banish Elizabeth — I guess for him, that was the path of least resistance.

    • Right in one – Mr. Bennet didn’t want to deal with the trouble of having everyone upset about the gossip about Lizzy, so he sent her off for a while hoping it would all just go away. And don’t worry, Lady Frederica isn’t a rival to Elizabeth; it’s a complex situation but it’s purely brother-sister between her and Darcy. I don’t actually have a Bingley sisters scene in the current book now, since there isn’t much point without the news of Lady Frederica.

  19. Thanks for the great post, Abigail!
    So sweet and moving and so tantalising!
    The cover is absolutely exquisite, as are all the convoluted paths of interference, gossip and misunderstanding. Heartbreaking but so delicious. Poor poor Darcy! Looking forward to this!

  20. Ohh! This is just pure torture – I want more!! Now!!
    I really love how Darcys deep feelings of longing, pulls at our heartstrings and makes us want to….

  21. Gaaaah! I am so sorry to see this scene cut because I enjoyed it so much! But I trust you, and I am sure I will love the new book. Thank you for sharing your outtakes.

  22. Beautiful cover! Since this is an outtake, is the letter Elizabeth writing going to make it in the book or is that another outtake on the floor? I’d love to know to whom she has written (Darcy maybe?) and what (she was not consulted) is in that letter!!!

    • Thanks! The letter exchange changes in the book. In this version she was writing to Charlotte to ask to visit, but in the final book, Charlotte writes to her and invites her. She does write a couple of letters to Darcy as well!

  23. A very beautiful book cover, and a nice read. How annoying all those well-meaning meddling relatives are! Is this also cut because of not being the right storyline or because of being superfluous? I do wish to see how they will be reunited since we see here another attempt at their meeting that will apparently not be in the book.
    When is this book to be published?

  24. Abigail: Loved the excerpt. If what you cut is half as good as what you leave, I will once again be totally mesmerized. God, I love your books. You see Darcy exactly like I think of him. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  25. Loved these out takes! BTW, spent yesterday in Woods Hole while visiting friends on the Cape. Saw the hall where the contra dancing took place and I think Landfall is “dock of the bay.” Loved that little town, especially waiting for the bridge. It was déjà by – all over again.

  26. The cover is beautiful and fabulous, Abigail. The scene with Darcy visiting the Gardiners’ home and Elizabeth’s response to his visit are both heart-wrenching. I wonder why it had to be taken out. Can’t wait to read the finished and polished work and get a better understanding on the story. December can’t come soon enough.

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