Miss Darcy’s Parisian Pin – Chapter Four – Jane Odiwe — 12 Comments

  1. Hmmmm….seems innocent enough, so I am expecting something interesting to happen surrounding the Audleys. I don’t trust Mademoiselle Dufort, I am certain that once Lady Catherine gets word the Darcys are in Bath, she will have to be in Bath. And we mustn’t forget the Bennets……the calm before the storm. It should get interesting. Looking forward to reading the story in its entirety.

    I wonder what the water tastes like. I’ve tasted the water from the Fountain of Youth in Saint Augustine, Florida. It tastes rather sulfuric. I wonder if the water in Bath is similar.

    Thank you so much for sharing your WIP, Jane. A lovely way to wake up over a cup of coffee.

  2. Thank you, Deborah-I wasn’t sure how much to post or include in this chapter-but I’m glad you liked it!
    The water does taste of sulphur-very eggy- and is not my favourite I might add. Still, you can’t go to the pump rooms without giving it a try-or better still, miss it, and try their afternoon tea!

  3. What a fun chapter this was with the Colonel turning up to tease everyone with his sparkling wit. He alternates in stories between being mysterious and a cheerful bon vivant. I like to think of him as a lovable, witty rascal with an edge that few people see, except those who know him best, or those who cross him. I pity anyone who does! He is somewhat of a chameleon, so who better to get to the bottom of any mysteries that are lurking around the corner. Mlle. D does seem to be someone other than as she is representing herself. If she is not as she seems, then the Colonel,will ferret it out. The more I read about Georgiana, the more I like her. It is impossible not to love a Darcy. Her brother is one of the great romantic figures of all time, and the Colonel,is her cousin, so some of that must be rubbing off on her. I like her ability to enjoy herself and to interact with others in a kind and gentle way. This chapter was a delight and gave us something to think about. Was the water really that bad?! In most novels I have read, people have a cup, and make little or no comment about it, so, now I am curious. I am guessing it is an acquired taste, and as it was famous as a “cure”, and as people in general, were scrupulously polite, no one would actually say anything about it, so I am hoping it is dreadful and that Georgie or Elizabeth says so! I also have to say that I love old fashioned jewelry, and I love the idea of a coral necklace. I am off to Amazon to have a look when I finish this. 🙂 After I read “Little Women”, as a child, I wanted a carnelian necklace like one of the characters wore, and forty years later I found more than one. I love you Jane, but don’t talk about any more jewelry pleaseI I have too much as it is. There was just something so pleasing about the idea of auburn hair, a white dress and a coral necklace, that it engaged my fancy. I had a very busy weekend, so it was a delight to wake up to another chapter about my favorite family and their adventures in Bath. Thank you Jane for a wonderful story that keeps us entertained, and smiling. It is impossible not to smile about the Colonel and impossible not to love him and the Darcys. Georgie is really coming alive for me, and the more I read about her, the more I want to know. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, she has become real, and is loved in her own right. She is no longer standing in the shadows of Darcy and Elizabeth, but is a real, delightful woman in her own right. I don’t know how you do it, but don’t ever stop.

  4. Thank you, Mari-you are so kind. I loved the idea of a coral necklace with Miss Audley’s colouring, and it’s always fun to think of the details in an outfit. I have a soft spot for Colonel Fitzwilliam-I must find him a lovely young lady whilst they are in Bath-I think he deserves one! Yes, there are one or two mysteries and they will be revealed as time goes on!
    I am not a fan of the spa water, and rarely get to the bottom of the glass-like you, I imagine most people were far too busy being fashionable to show if they didn’t like it!

  5. You are setting the stage so well for us. All is not as it seems but with the Colonel arriving, I’m sure Lady Catherine and the Bennets should not be far behind! I would have to agree with Mml. Dufort regarding the apothecary laughing at them. Not that I have ever tasted the waters! One day I would love to visit Bath among many other places in ‘Jane’s England’.

  6. Carole, I think you’d love Bath-I hope you get the chance to visit one day. Thank you for your kind comments!

  7. I love Bath, and I think Georgiana will, too. I however have always avoided drinking the waters. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Thank you, Beatrice-I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter. Yes, Bath is a lovely place-I think you’ve done quite the right thing in avoiding the waters!

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