May Flowers: When a Rose is More Than Just a Rose — 7 Comments

  1. You may be right Shannon. There are subtilities in Jane Austen that we cannot see now, messages that her contemporaries would have understodd. I do believe that Jane Austen’s novels are like a precious jewel: everything has its place and a meaning. And I quite imagine witty and cheeky Henry Tilney making his interest known in this way.

    • Thanks for your comment, Nathalie. I can’t claim to be as clever as JA, but I’m constantly writing little private jokes, etc. into my books, mostly for my own amusement. I often wonder if anybody else will notice and understand.

  2. I delved into the language of flowers when teaching Rebecca by DuMaurier, Fascinating! I tried to go back into my class archive to locate the sites I used for our discussion of the meanings of certain flowers, but I couldn’t find it. 🙁

    Thanks for this wonderful study! I look forward to this month’s floral offerings!!

    Susanne 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon,
    I found this in my search, I have always known there was a language for flowers and yes things are different from place to place. The Victorian’s loved finding the meanings of flowers as I have read. So I do believe, as Jane Austen was a very clever women, that she had some hidden meanings in some of her works, and used them playfully 🙂

    Julie R

    • Thanks for the link, Julie! Yes, it seems like the kind of thing JA would have had taken delight to incorporate in her books. The main question in my mind is how aware of ‘the language of flowers’ she would have been, considering it was more of a Victorian than a Regency fad. Fun to speculate anyway!

  4. I have read several posts and stories which taught about the language of flowers. I don’t know of anyone who uses that today…but maybe my circle is just uneducated as to that means of communication. Thanks for sharing. I do like Northanger Abbey and the innocent of youth in Catherine. Many stories do tell of Elizabeth wearing a certain scent and Darcy associating her with that when he encountered it elsewhere.

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