March Madness – Darcy, Wentworth, and Ferrars — 25 Comments

  1. Enjoyed the continuation especially Henry sharing his engagement with our poor pitiful downhearted men.

    Would you consider writing the flip to this? Have the women speaking of the men in their lives. I figure it would need to be a tea or moved to modern times.

  2. At last – a happy man! The other three have not resolved anything yet apart from how foolish they are. Is this story going to continue? Or will they all find their happy ever afters as per the relevant books?

    • As I said to Patty above, I have a continuation in mind – might publish as a novella on its own or as part of an anthology of several short stories. But either way, I will continue it.

  3. Goodness those three men certainly are lovesick puppies! It’s almost laughable and pitiful at the same time! I almost think it’s worst for Wentworth, since he has no hope whatsoever yet. Darcy did insult Elizabeth quite badly so I don’t think he has it quite as badly since Elizabeth was right to give him a piece of her mind, and Edward… why is it so ungentlemanlike to break of that stupid engagement to Lucy Steele?!
    And here comes a truly happy man to put the three miserable men into deeper glum, poor men! 😔

    • Yes, they certaininly are. Misery loves company, as they say, but then a cheerful one joins the group. But is he as happy as he seems? Thanks, Sophia!

  4. Loved getting into our heroes heads and the fact that they are sitting around a table not disparaging their women, but still desiring them. Hopefully you will develop this into a full fledged novel!

    • Thanks, Meg. Not sure if it will be a full fledged novel, as I wrote above, but possibly a novella or short story in an anthology.

  5. A happy man at the end! I would have liked to have seen Edmund Bertram enter the room and tell of his woes regarding Mary Crawford and then have the men help him to see that Fanny was the woman for him. And *then* a happy Henry Tilney may enter… 😉

    Oh wait, perhaps Mr. Knightley might stop by to complain about Emma first, then Tilney may enter.

    That’ll do it. 😉

    Thank you for this lovely story, Kara!! 😀

    Susanne 🙂

  6. Oh that was sooo good! I had to laugh when Henry showed up! Thank you! Yes, I could see this turning into a whole book!

  7. Yes, this was an interesting look at the inner thoughts (I am sure many of us speculated to ourselves or read in JAFF how miserable these selfsame men have been) of men who can’t seem to get it right. ALTHOUGH, Wentworth has to be pitied the most as he had won his lady and then others persuaded her to jilt him. Henry Tilney and Cathy…what are you planning to do to them. I quite like them as a couple despite the Gothic novels putting dark thoughts in her head. Thank you for this fly-on-the-wall at the pub viewpoint.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Sheila. And I agree, poor Wentworth is to be pitied, but aren’t we glad he and Anne eventually get their happily ever after!

  8. I have to say much as I feel for these 3 men I find the situation quite humorous, and then to have Henry sit down and speak of his felicitous engagement; like rubbing salt in a wound. How I love this continuation and am looking forward to reading the next installment next year (if I must wait that long). Thank you for bringing a smile to my face at the expense of these characters.

  9. Gosh, has it really been a year since the previous story? I loved that one then and this one is just as brilliant. Thanks for sharing it with us and yes please, do write some more and please don’t make us wait a year next time! I so want to know what Henry Tilney has to say to these three lovelorn gentlemen.

    Just had a thought – what about bringing in Reginald DeCourcey and/or Sir James Martin, too?

    • Oh, my, Anji! What an interesting idea! I don’t think I could pull them off, but I will consider it! 🙂 thanks!

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