Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Two by Cassandra Grafton — 35 Comments

  1. Really enjoyable, listening to Lizzy’s voice throughout. I feel like you’ve really captured her well. Of course the hand-holding into the carriage was such a big moment in the movie and I’m glad to see it merited mention in her diary! I am also enjoying the little asides in her narration of family life and her correspondence with her aunt, and how her disapproval of Mr. Darcy is ever-present in her thoughts. I can’t wait for the next installment – the Collins proposal is one of the best scenes of the 2005 movie. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Kathy! So pleased you continue to enjoy it! The hand hold into the carriage is one of my favourite scenes in that film – so sigh-worthy!

    I really wanted this to feel like diary extracts, so I felt it important to have her allude to her sisters and day to day things outside of just Darcy (much as we all want to hear about him of course!)

  3. I love the “mutual insincerity,” Cassandra. Ooh, and that moment when he grasps her hand as she gets into the carriage! Priceless.

  4. What fun it is to read your take on Lizzie’s thoughts! It seems, however, that I must go ‘snack’ on the movie so that I can appreciate some of the references. Thanks for sharing your fine work!

  5. I re-watched that hand holding scene upon reading this, just because it is one of my favourite scenes as well. 🙂 Love how he tries to shake off the attraction as he walks back into the house.

    Loved hearing all of her thoughts about Collins and Wickham–how much she loathed the one and fancied the other. So glad W never showed up at the ball.

    For not liking D, she sure does write about him often. Perhaps it is good she abbreviated his name to save on ink. 🙂

  6. Hand holding scene – yes, sigh, sigh, sigh! and I love the two portraits, even tho they are not from the movie you are referencing. I, too, may just have to pull out my DVD, make a fresh cuppa and watch. Thank you for the looks into Lizzy’s mind. The asides into family life make it all the more real. A puppy for Kitty – how nice. “Papa maintains there will be no more pets in the house and Kitty is thus busy choosing a name for her new pup.” Are you implying that Mr. B. is knows to be wishy-washy in his decisions? LOL

    • Mr Bennet? Moi? As if I would Sheila! 😉

      Glad you liked the hand-hold scene! It seems to have struck a chord with readers as well as Lizzy – had she been in love, she could not have been more wretchedly blind, could she?

      I included the images of JE/CF partly because I love both versions for lots of different reasons. They are both Pride & Prejudice, that beautiful story Jane Austen gave us, so hopefully people can imagine their own Darcy and Lizzy whilst reading, despite the nods to the screenplay. There will be more images of JE/CF coming up, as well as drawings done by Janet of KK/MM. 😀

  7. Another lovely instalment, Cassandra. Lizzie’s comment about her sisters’ behaviour being “displayed in all it’s glory” brought the first of many smiles to my face as I read. Her eventual decision to refer to Darcy just as D was funny but also managed to express her annoyance and frustration at having to refer to him at all. It’s a time saver as well as she does seem to mention him rather frequently.

    Although this film isn’t my favourite version (just acquired a remastered edition of 1995 and it looks gorgeous) the Netherfield departure scene is an early highlight of this version for me. The close up on Darcy’s hand afterwards as he flexes his fingers means to me that he was trying to erase what he’d felt at the contact. After all, unmarried men and women of their status just didn’t have physical contact very often in those days, did they? I’m so glad you had Lizzie feeling something, too.

    Lizzie’s analysis if Mr. Collins is priceless and accurate. Shame we can’t say the same for Wickham. At least Aunt G. seems to be putting her a little on her guard. By the way, did you notice Keira Knightley eyeing up Rupert Friend’s rear when they were in the shop? I didn’t realise until recently, during a discussion about the film on Regina’s blog, that they’d had quite a long relationship starting round about this time.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the ball and Mr Collins’ proposal next week.

  8. Oooh, a remastered edition of 1995? Lucky you!

    Thanks for commenting, Anji, pleased you enjoyed it. Lizzy really has no idea right now just how ‘blind, partial, prejudiced, absurd’ she is (to quote her own words later in the book!)

    And lol, yes, I did notice the Lizzy eyeing up Wickham in the ribbon shop! 😀

    • Do tell…what does the remastered version have that the others do not? I have “The Special Edition” (completely digitally remastered for the ultimate in picture and sound quality) so is that any different? Sounds the same but is yours more recent with other changes?

    • After I posted my comment, I had to go off and do stuff, such as eat and help entertain an old friend who’s stopping over. However, I was pondering the whole Lizzie/Wickham thing (as you do) and when you look at real life, she did indeed go off with him instead of Darcy!

    • Sheila, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think mine is probably any better than yours, in fact it’s more than likely the same as I seen it was done several hears ago. But comparing my old DVD with the remastered version, the picture is so much sharper. Can’t really tell with the sound yet as I haven’t seen that much of it. Apparently the remastering was done from the original negatives and not produced from the later copies, which according to the technical guys, makes all the difference. There are also a couple of extras on it that weren’t with the original.

      I didn’t go out to buy it especially but it came as part of a bargain box set with three other Austen dramatisations; S&S (2008), Persuasion (2007) and Emma (2009), none of which I had on DVD. I’d recorded them on to VHS at the time of broadcast but the quality wasn’t brilliant as our recorder was, and still is in the process of dying. It’s still with us even now but we very rarely use it now except to play the odd prerecorded tape that we haven’t yet replaced with DVD or BluRay.

      • Several “years” not “hears” ago. Spell check didn’t spot that one. Curse this touch screen keyboard, yet again!!

      • I had a set of the six stories on VHS but gave them away and bought the DVDs. There are some differences between the two sets I have noticed. Then the 1995 DVD came out which I, too, had recorded off TV…so I had to buy that and then the 2005 also – crazy for P&P! I just thought maybe something new came out and I always want to know what I am missing with my favorite story.

  9. I am enjoying reading Lizzy’s thoughts. The lady doth protest too much, doesn’t she? As was mentioned above by Anji Lizzy does mention him quite a bit. She is so prejudiced against Darcy for his slight at the assembly….as mentioned last week, she has an unforgiving nature when slighted…to the point of believing Wickham who reveals a lot of his own personal information to a new acquaintence. Too bad she didn’t notice this,,,,,Glad her aunt put her on guard. I also loved when D handed L into the carraige. D flexing his hand to try to get rid of the sensation. That was one of my favorite scenes. Loved Lizzy’s thoughts and how she tries to ignore them, although she really can’t. Enjoyed her thoughts on her sisters too.

    I am so looking forward to what Lizzy’s diary entries will be after the ball. Thank you Cassandra. I’m having fun with this. Sheila L. M. I now have to go back to the shop scene and take a look.

  10. This is such fun to read. Elizabeth would be horrified to know that Darcy might be thrilled at her referring to him as just “D”. 😉 At least I think he would, if he didn’t read the part where she explained why she does. lol She definitely protests too much!

  11. Seriously too much protesting and definitely using an awful lot of ink on D at this point!

    Thank you for commenting, Monica, much appreciated and pleased you are enjoying it!

  12. This is another fine continuation, Cassandra. I enjoyed hearing Lizzy’s thoughts especially on Mr Darcy handing her to the carriage as we don’t get to know what she thinks about his touch. I also like reading her correspondence with Aunt Gardiner where her aunt cautions her not to give her heart away easily to Wickham as I think this part is not in the movie. I should love to hear about the Netherfield ball and Bingley’s departure next.

  13. I’m really late to the story this time! I read it but got sidetracked before commenting and just realized I never commented!

    Yes, I agree that Elizabeth doth protest too much and refuses to see that she is just as proud and prejudice as her ‘D’! Thank goodness her Aunt and Jane are telling her to be cautious.

    Now I will have to watch the movie to catch all these little scenes that I have forgotten or never fully noticed!

    Loving the pictures!

  14. Always great to hear from you, Carole! It’s funny, we all hear about Darcy in P&P and how he changed for the woman he loved, but this really showed me how much Lizzy needed to change too!

    Hope you continue to enjoy!

    • All images of Darcy and Elizabeth have been produced by the lovely Janet Taylor of JT Originals, as have the two ‘covers’ for the story.

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