Lizzy Bennet’s Diary: Chapter Seven by Cassandra Grafton — 29 Comments

  1. How beautifully written Cassandra. How through your words we feel E’s pain. Finally E realizes her feelings are feelings of love, but only after she thinks it’s too late are her eyes opened. How bittersweet and poignant the lines, ” So this is love… how I have longed to know it; and to fall in love with such a man… how do I move beyond this despair?” You very nicely show the passage of time, about a week’s worth since leaving Pemberley, all told.

    I also very much enjoyed how you filled in the day’s activities at Pemberley as well as the dinner. I enjoyed your showing Darcy’s manipulation to end up at the Inn with the Gardiners and Lizzy. It seems logical that he would have wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, delaying the separation. I love the 2 extra handholds (how romantic) and Lizzy’s thoughts on the way.

    The last lines nearly brought tears to my eyes….”I recall Mr Darcy once begged me to end his agony – who could have foreseen this was how it would come to pass? And henceforth mine begins…”

    Again, how beautifully written. The emotions you make us feel. The only nice thing about this is we know it is a HEA so the distress we feel will not last too long. I am looking forward to next week when all is said and done with Wickham and Lydia and their visit to Longbourn when Darcy’s intervention is revealed and her aunt discloses his part more fully? Thank you for a wonderful chapter.

    • Thank you, Deborah, for continuing to follow the story and leave some lovely comments! It seems you have summarised what most of the following readers felt too!

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the ‘day at Pemberley’! I really enjoyed writing the scene and hope it enhances the story a little. The conversation between Darcy and Lizzy on the ride back to the inn was inspired by a scene in an early script for the film – it obviously never made it to the screen, but I thought it had potential!

      Only 3 chapters to go before they have their HEA!

  2. Deborah, you’ve said it all! The words that came to mind as I read were “Beautifully poignant” and Deborah’s said both. I can’t express it any better.

    Thanks for another lovely installment, Cassandra.

  3. I loved this chapter! What a great way to balance the happiness of her visit at Pemberley with the pain of what she believed she had lost. I felt that whole range of emotions with her as I read the chapter. The pictures are a wonderful addition to the story also. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

    • Thank you, Maureen! I am so pleased you enjoyed this chapter. Despite Lizzy’s present unhappiness, it is one of my favourites, partly because finally she ‘gets it’ and also because I love her recollections of the time spent at Pemberley.

  4. This was so beautiful and a nice juxtaposition of her emotions during that very trying time. I especially liked this because you kept a tight grip on the story and the emotional aspects. You allowed us to see a side of Lizzie that is all too frequently missing. In many versions she is a bit of a bitch and I can’t quite imagine why Darcy is so smitten with her, because it makes him into a giant wuss. Here, they are on a more even footing and we have seen playful clever Lizzie, and a very kind, open, and generous Lizzie. She is in touch with her feelings, and she seems to understand herself and others better. We share her sorrows as she realizes that she loves Darcy, and is devastated that she has no future with him. This was a wonderful installment, and writing like this keeps us coming back every week. It is so beautiful, and I like it better than the original simply because we feel what the characters feel, and don’t just read about them. The writing is just so good, and despite this sadness today, it is a lovely story about hopes and dreams coming true.

    • Thank you, Mari. I really appreciate your comments.

      You make an interesting point re Lizzy; I have heard people say before now they find her quite ‘cruel’ in the original novel.

      I am particularly fond of this chapter, despite Lizzy’s sadness. Things can only get better, yes? 😉

  5. Thank you, Cassandra, for such a lovely chapter! I am reminded again why I loved so much your beautiful story, “A Fair Prospect”! Your ability to describe and evoke the emotions felt by Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy so perfectly is exquisite, as Deborah and the others have already said, and makes their story felt so tangibly! Love your style of writing!!

  6. Elizabeth’s pain and inner turmoil is so vivid that it touched me. Cassandra, you are a very good writer that can invoke such strong emotions in her that I think you must have suffered the same. Anyway, this is a delightful chapter and I can’t wait to find out Lizzy’s thoughts when she hears that Darcy has helped bring about a marriage between Lydia and Wickham.

    Btw, will you published the diary extracts and put it in the ‘Free Books’ section?

    • Thank you, Luthien, for commenting! I really do appreciate it.

      I am pleased you felt so immersed in the story you could feel Lizzy’s emotions.

      I hadn’t thought about publication because I wasn’t sure where I would stand with copyright as it roughly follows the screenplay of the film. Perhaps I should look into it!

  7. ‘For I am in love with Mr Darcy, and my heart splinters as I write…’

    Cassandra this was such a heart-wrenching chapter and beautifully written. I am at a loss for words tonight (very tired) but would have to say Deborah expressed it for me!!!

      • Loving this story Cassandra! Yes, I did get some sleep. I was helping my daughter out since Wednesday with the two grandchildren (3 yrs and 6 months). They left our house yesterday afternoon. My body decided it could finally relax! They will be moving about 6-8 hours north of us to Sudbury at the end of the month. Her husband is already up there so it’s been a bit of juggling act for her on her own.

  8. Everyone has already said it very eloquently, about how you’ve really captured Lizzy’s painful feelings while she acknowledges how she really feels at last. I loved all the intervening scenes of their dinner conversation and the lovely carriage ride back to Lambton, that really make us see how Lizzy and Darcy were coming to understand each other better. So well done! Thank you!

    I also noticed you captured from the movie that the sisters gathered around Mrs. Bennet to console each other – and even though there was plenty of hand-wringing hysteria, they were all united in their sorrow and worry. I think this version of Mrs. B wasn’t as irritating as some others, and she seemed more concerned and loving of her daughters in general.

  9. Thank you, Kathy, so pleased you enjoyed it and for continuing to support the story!

    I agree, I think this Mrs B wasn’t quite as annoying as some of the previous ones, and although she could be a bit vulgar at times, she does come across as having her daughter’s best interests at heart. I believe the family came across as much more of a unit in this film, didn’t they? I think it helps that they cast the sisters so close to the right age as well.

  10. “For I am in love with Mr Darcy, and my heart splinters as I write…”
    Oh, Sandra! What a beautifully written chapter — thank you for sharing it with us 😉 .

  11. Thank you for another wonderful chapter. Look forward to the weekends for a delightful chapter to glory within your written words. How you captured Lizzy’s profound pain of her broken heart and feelings was brilliantly written. One could feel for her hurt and dismay. The ride back to the inn showing Darcy and Elizabeth’s efforts to understand each other, gave new hope for our favorite couple in literature. This little trip back added so much to the original story. Love the art work from my favorite Pride and Prejudice movie. To me, Darcy and Colin Firth are synonymous. Until next week!

  12. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your taking the time to comment, it means a great deal to me, and that you are enjoying the story and Janet’s lovely artwork.

  13. Really lovely and insightful. I haven’t been able to keep up w Austen Variations for some weeks; what a delight to be able to read a number of installments all at once! I’m sitting on the bed of a guesthouse in Reykjavik having a real binge of episodes. Thank you!

    • Oooh, how lovely. Is Iceland as beautiful as I suspect? I am sure it is!

      Pleased you are enjoying your catch up read, Beatrice, and thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Much appreciated!

  14. I have spent all day at this computer catching up and deleting and responding….so sorry – I am late to this chapter. Loved the extra hand holds and all the glances during dinner and how Georgiana’s dinner conversation reveals Darcy’s true thoughts upon an woman’s accomplishments! Lovely and so funny also. Can just see those facial expressions as she speaks. Lovely chapter – really like hearing Lizzy’s thoughts – we don’t get these in watching the movies, and not in the original book, either, to this depth. I really like to hear all the thoughts and how the feelings react with glances, touches and certain words. Thank you.

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