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  1. Captain Frederick Wentworth – something spicy (like spiced rum) – in the shape of a boat

    I love Evie’s soaps and have many of them already. This whole idea of branching out into Persuasion is awesome. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Her ability with design is amazing.

      • Hi I’m from Italy and I following you since a Long time!! I’m so happy with all these events!! I believe that the Capt. Should use sandalwood with tulip fragrance!! Happy new year! Barbara

  2. I really enjoy modeling soaps after character’s activities, like walks in the garden, but Oooh, I do love an ocean smell! A friend of mine just returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic and I convinced her to bring back some sand from the beach. It’s going to be fun experimenting with it! Be sure to stay tuned for your chance to vote!

  3. I love your soaps Evie. They are fabulous. That said, I can’t decide if Captain Wentworth or Anne should be first. If Captain Wentworrh , the ocean and rum, as I believe each sailor had an allotment of rum daily. As for Anne, I agree with the floral scent….perhaps Jasmine, vanilla & pear combination. Can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  4. It is a tie between the Captain and Anne. I think clean ocean or clean laundry for the Captain. My brother was in the Navy for 31 years and always said if something happened to him he would die clean. Anne, I think should be something floral but not too sweet, more jasmine and it should be pale blue or lavendar. What a great way to start the year!

  5. How wonderful! I have tried to make soap, and was unsuccessful. Thank you for sharing your store information. Soaps are a wonderful gift. So very traditional. I will be watching for the Persuasion line. I must say I missed checking AA daily, so happy to see you again.

  6. Wow! What fun! I love the ideas for Anne and Captain Wentworth already mentioned, how about a wrinkle soap for Sir Walter Elliot with lots of oils for softening skin and removing those nasty freckles? I also thought of a lime (Lyme haha) soap for the lovely Harvilles…

    • Great ideas! I’m working on my 2015 calender, plugging in all of my release dates. You can be sure that if your ideas don’t win, they will for sure be plugged into a Persuasion slot on my calendar!

  7. I love the scent of lavender but that has already been done. So I am open to whatever you come up with. As Joy’s husband was a captain her input is most valuable. Thanks for this opportunity.

  8. I seldom you soap to bath and wash my hands because I prefer to use body and hand wash. The only exception is for my face where I use honey soap. I echo the sentiments of everyone who suggest to make a soap inspired by Captain Wentworth.

  9. What a wonderful idea and great inspiration! I am torn between Captain Wentworth being first or Anne! I think maybe Anne wins out as a lady should always precede a gentleman. I love the scent of lavendar but as that is Elizabeth’s scent, I would like peach with a hint of jasmine or bergamot (like Earl Grey tea|). Not sure how these would actually smell together but peach is so soft and warm….

    Thank you for your generosity and Happy New Year!

  10. The soap could be in the shape of a seashell to remind us of the ocean. You can’t go wrong with Anne or Capt. Wentworth but how about something with healing or restorative properties for poor Mary? Or Champagne and strawberries for Miss Elizabeth Elliot who tried to retrench, really she did!

  11. What fun! I love how you take a creative interest, honor family, make money and add an Austen flare. Wentworth definitely needs to have ocean related colors and scents. (US)

  12. What a truly fun idea this is! As many of you stated already I too and torn between the Captain and Anne. Perhaps I am leaning a little towards Anne though. I think it should be a floral scent, perhaps lily of the valley as it is a small and shy flower? Will be interested in what you decide on.

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